November 3, 2015

Work Outfit: ASOS Green Skinny Trousers, Navy Bow Blouse, Rose Gold Heels, and a Brown Leather Jacket

ASOS work outfit - Brown Leather Jacket, Dark Green Skinny Trousers, a Patterned Navy Blue Top, and Rose Gold Heels

When ASOS contacted me and asked me to style a work outfit, I was absolutely on board! I'm always interested in finding new, versatile work clothes since starting my real adult job early this year. I knew I'd be able to find some great pieces for work at ASOS, especially since they have a petite line

I wish they had all the pieces here in their petite line, but the blouse was and I can tell you having a top made for short people is magical. The sleeves are the perfect length and, more importantly, the shirt hem ends well before the end of my butt. It makes a difference when you tuck your shirts in! 

I picked out a pair of ankle grazer pants because they're cut shorter than regular ones. They still needed to be taken up a good inch or so though, which is why I have a rolled hem on the pair I'm wearing. Having my pants hemmed to a proper length is important to me because otherwise it feels like I'm a kid wearing adult clothes. It's always important to alter your clothes to fit but especially so for short women. It's so easy to look like you're playing dress up if your clothes don't fit. With them hitting at the perfect ankle length now, I'll be able to wear these trousers with flats too. It's always good to have options!

The faux leather jacket was to add some edge to an otherwise pretty classic work look. I like that the brown leather isn't quite as harsh as black leather and is really a pretty classic piece itself. It's fall and you can definitely wear leather jackets with business casual looks - especially when bopping around outside the office. An extra bonus: it's been keeping me drier with all the rain we've been having lately!

Vero Moda Petite ASOS Navy Blue Bow Blouse with Bright Red Hair
Dark Green Ankle Length Cigarette Trousers and a Patterned Navy Blue Top
Detailing of an ASOS Navy Blue Pussy Bow Blouse
Ankle Grazer Green Cigarette Pants and Rose Gold Heels

This whole look is my take on business casual when I'm not wearing a dress. Sometimes it's nice to throw on a pair of trousers and a nice blouse, but there's a more exciting way to do it! I think the combination of on-trend pieces with a mix of color, texture, pattern, and shine (What Not to Wear, anyone? Those are seriously good outfit tips!) makes the outfit special. Plus I added cool shiny shoes and cool shoes make any outfit 134% better don't you think?

Warm Brown Faux Leather Jacket, Patterned Navy Top, and Bright Red Hair
Mirror Earrings and Bright Red Hair
Brown Leather Jacket, Forest Green Pencil Trousers, Navy Blue Blouse, and Rose Gold Pumps
trousers: c/o ASOS | top: c/o ASOS | jacket: c/o ASOS | heels: comfort plus - payless | earrngs: forever 21

Everything here is incredibly versatile. I'm positive I'll find a ton of different ways to wear every single piece here to work. If only it wasn't frowned upon to wear the same pants 4 days in a week...

Thank you to ASOS for collaborating with me and showing me the wonders that are modern petite shirts. (I do have a lot of thrifted vintage ones and never before thought about how they fit so much better than my non-petite shirts.) I hope I've inspired you to step up your work style, even just a little bit!

Have a happy happy rest of your week!


Ina R. said...

I love the 70s colours and vibes about this outfit! very chic blouse and pants! Your hair looks great with the colour palette! :)

Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

Rachel Sullivan said...

These pants are the best color! I love Asos - I've bought from their petite line too even though I'm not petite whoops!

Adele said...

this is such a lovely work outfit

Anna Martin said...

Perfect pants. <3 Fantastic color! I love those shoes, too. I'm totally wanting some shiny chrome shoes, now! I don't know if I could pull off that style. I just want to have them in my closet, so I can stare at them, really. Hehe.

- Anna

katie said...

I really like the roll on the trousers, it's a very current touch and looks just a little bit menswear-ish! I always forget about ASos' petite line, I've heard amazing things about that but I always forget to go check. (Pants that are close to the right inseam and not six inches too long? That's amazing!)

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