December 7, 2015

Outfit: Fall-Colored Chevron Dress, Dark Green Tights, and a Red Short Sleeved Cardigan

Autumnal Outfit: Red Short Sleeved Cardigan, Chevron Multicolored Modcloth Dress, Dark Green Tights, and Brown Oxford Heels
dress: modcloth | cardigan: ann taylor - thrifted | tights, shoes: forever 21

You most certainly can wear red and green without looking like Christmas threw up on you! The trick is using shades of red and green that aren't pure bright versions and instead using muted shades or jewel tones. Mixing in other colors helps too. My dress here includes red and green, but also gold, maroon, tan, and cream which draws away from the traditionally Christmas-tastic color pairing.

Because of the many colors in this dress it goes with a ton of different tights and cardigan combinations too. It's one of my favorites in the fall because the colors match the trees. This time I styled it with a pair of very dark green tights, a short sleeved red cardigan I thrifted a couple years ago, and some brown high heeled oxfords that turned out to be way comfier than I remembered.

I figured it was about time I showed you this super autumnal outfit before it's officially winter! What do you think? How would you style this dress?

Dark Army Green Tights with a Chevron Dress and Light Brown Oxford Heels
Green, Red, Gold, Tan Chevron Dress with a Red Cardigan
Bright Red Hair, Red Cardigan, and a Fall Colored Chevron Fit and Flare Dress

Are you guys having a good week so far? I'm just working as usual and looking forward to a true vacation to Las Vegas starting this weekend! I'm pretty pumped about it and am ready for real relaxation. What do your weekend plans look like?

I hope you have a fantastic start to your week! Happy Monday!



You are so cute!!!

Imogen said...

Yes true about wearing red and green together. I've always loved this dress of yours it's a favourite. I have a similar one from modcloth.

Camilla said...

What a lovelly dress! <3


Amanda said...

Oh I love this outfit on you! The chevron dress and it's colours are stunning!

ModernVintageStyle said...

You're absolutely right about these lovely colours - seasonal without yet being festive! Awesome!! Kx

SaraLily said...

Ohhhh Vegas is so fun! I get to go twice a year for work (so many conferences happen in Vegas) and I've quite enjoyed being there. Have fun!

This outfit is super cute - I love how it matches your hair just enough. Who says your hair color can't contribute to an outfit? ;)

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