December 17, 2015

The Fringe Off: Styling a Christmas Jumper

Tacky sheep Fleece Navidad Christmas Sweater with Plaid Green Pants

Today I present you with the first style challenge of the new blogger collaboration group, The Fringe Off: styling a Christmas sweater. By the name of the group and the use of "jumper" instead of "sweater," you can tell I'm the American outlier in this group! The bloggers who started it are from the U.K. and also have great "bangs" as we call them here in the U.S.

We wanted to show you a few ways to style these delightful seasonal items just in time for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 18. I actually didn't have a Christmas-specific sweater when we got the challenge but I promptly made sure I hunted one down. I had a wonderfully horrible thrifted one for a funny family Christmas card a couple years back but it has since been re-donated. Luckily Target had their "ugly" Christmas sweaters on sale a week or so ago. I tried out some in the regular women's section but decided to check out the kid sweaters since they tend to fit a lot better lengthwise, which means they can be worn without being tucked in. I found two. You'll see the other one here very soon.

Red Fleece Navidad Christmas Sweater with Bright Red Hair
Target Lol Vintage Fleece Navidad Christmas Sweater

For the debut of my "Fleece Navidad" sweater, (What can I say? I like word play) I paired it with a new pair of plaid Old Navy pixie pants I got on clearance. I enjoyed the mix of red and green while still adding blue and yellow to dilute the Christmas color scheme. I even wore this to work so I don't think it was all that tacky. Plus the whole outfit was incredibly comfortable.

Don't forget to check out the other ways The Fringe Off group styled their Christmas sweaters by clicking on their pictures at the end of this post. You might be inspired to break out that tacky sweater again now that you only have a week until holiday festivities begin! Happy Thursday!

Fleece Navidad Red Tacky Sweater with Green and Blue Plaid Trousers
Styling a Red Tacky Christmas Sweater with Green Skinny Plaid Pants and Blue Flats for Work
top: lol vintage - target | pants: old navy | shoes: delia's

left to right: Purpowa Karuzela, me, Captain Charley, Bang the Blitz, Style With Friends


Karolina said...

finally I know the difference between 'bangs' and 'fringe'! Haha!
I'm so happy I could join the Fringe Off team!
You look fabulous by the way, love the color combo :)

Adele said...

cute outfit!

Sian Deciantis said...

Love your trousers with your jumper, they are some awesome trousers. Welcome to The Fringe Off gang, already excited for our next post :)

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