January 28, 2016

Outfit: Maroon Skater Skirt, Polka Dot Tights, and a Silver Sweater

Silver Sweater, Leather Jacket, Maroon Skater Skirt, and Polka Dot Tights in Vegas

We've come to the end of the road with my Las Vegas outfit posts. I guess there was only one before this but still. I brought my trusty maroon skater skirt with me on vacation because it looks great with pretty much anything. It was still the festive season so I paired it with a subtly sparkly silver sweater. The polka dot tights are another favorite that look good with nearly anything. I especially love how black looks paired with my maroon skirt too. That's a color scheme I'm sure you see me wear relatively often. 

I really like this outfit, but then again it's hard not to like an outfit made up of favorite pieces and a pair of very comfy yet super cute shoes. It certainly was a great outfit choice for wandering down the Las Vegas Strip - comfy and stylish at the same time! Sometimes I like to save new pieces to wear for the first time over vacation, but other times I pack up only things I know I definitely enjoy wearing (and are comfortable). How about you?

Outside The Venetian in Las Vegas
Maroon Flippy Skirt, Sheer Polka Dot Tights, and Target Wedge Boots
Black Faux Leather Jacket, Silver Sweater, Maroon Skater Skirt, Polka Dot Tights, and Wedge Ankle Boots
skirt: h&m | jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | tights: kmart | sweater: new york and company | shoes: target | necklace: sheinside

I hope you're having a great week so far. It's been dragging on for me and I'll be glad when it's the weekend. I'm looking forward to the next episode of the new X-Files season next Monday though. Are any of you catching the new episodes? I was so pumped when they used the original intro. Geeky times galore.

Anyway, happy Thursday!

January 23, 2016

Outfit: Black Leather Jacket, Floral Flippy Dress, and Bright Yellow Tights

Faux Leather Jacket, Purple Floral Dress, Yellow Tights, and Black Wedge Boots

Oh how I love this purple-y floral bell sleeved (which you can't see, but you can see the bell sleeved goodness here) dress. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure the length shrunk somehow. No, I have not grown. I think I'm far past that point in life. I'm actually super sad about how short the dress is right now. Does it seem shorter to you or am I making it up? It can't just be that it's cinched in with a jacket either. I've been comparing these photos with the ones where I wore this dress with a jean jacket. Ugh. It was just so perfect and not so short that I couldn't wear it to work. Now I'm thinking it's way shorter than it used to be. I air dried it though, so how can this even happen? Maybe it's in my head but my butt did seem to be much more "out" while walking around Las Vegas in it last month...

Anyway, these are photos of one of my Las Vegas outfits from our trip in December. It was quite cold while we were there and I wish I'd had a heavier jacket but this black faux leather one is what I had. I threw it on over my floral dress, added bright yellow tights, and my comfy black wedge boots. My Harrah's card on a lanyard is my "beautiful" accessory in this look too. I apologize.

Las Vegas in December Outfit
Flippy Floral Print Dress with Yellow Tights, Wedge Boots, and a Faux Leather Moto Jacket
jacket: ashley by twenty six international - ross | dress, tights, earrings: forever 21 | boots: target

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. We're kind of iced in for the morning because Atlanta got a little bit of snow and ice last night into this morning. There are real live flurries happening as I type this! Unfortunately the roads suck because we're in the south and don't have the equipment to fully prepare for this kind of weather. Our power went out last night too but fortunately it's back on today. I plan on lazing about the apartment and enjoying a relaxing day.

Happy Saturday!

January 18, 2016

Outfit: Rust Orange Suedette Dress with Brown Leopard Print Tights

Rust Orange Faux Suede Bodycon Dress with Brown Leopard Tights and Dark Brown Ankle Boots

Happy Monday! I don't know why it's taken me so long to show you this outfit because I love how it turned out. This suedette dress is a pretty new Boohoo purchase from their petite line. I don't have anything else in my wardrobe in this rust orange shade so it was a necessary addition. It just about matches my hair! When I bought it I didn't realize it would lean quite so bodycon rather than shift style but that's okay. The faux suede material has a decent amount of stretch but it does cling to my tights.

For the debut of this super autumnal-hued dress, I paired it with some brown leopard print tights I've had in my drawer for quite a long time and some dark brown ankle boots. The gold dangly earrings were probably from a relative at some point. I really enjoyed how this outfit came together. So much that I'd probably wear all these pieces together again!

Rust Orange Suedette Bodycon Short Sleeved Dress with Leopard Tights
Brown Leopard Print Tights with Western Style Brown Ankle Boots
Rust Orange Bodycon Suedette Dress with Leopard Print Tights and Ankle Boots
Red Ponytail, Gold Dangly Earrings, and an Orange Dress
Rust Colored Bodycon Faux Suede Dress with Leopard Tights
dress: boohoo petites | tights: forever 21 | boots: traffic | earrings: old

Rust Orange Suedette Boohoo Petites Dress

Happy MLK day to those of you in the US. I'm extremely happy to have the day off to bum around on the internet, read, and possibly play video games. I'll also be spending time with my dog. He's resting on the couch next to me right now but he'll probably enter crazy puppy mode in an hour or so. The joy of puppyhood.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

January 16, 2016

December Favorites

Well we're over half way through January somehow so I guess it's about time to share my December favorites. Most people had a lot of recap posts or fewer posts in general last month so there weren't as many looks to choose from, leaving me with a brief favorites roundup. Everyone looked fantastic, as usual though. I hope these wonderful bloggers leave you with some inspiration for the rest of this month and season. Be sure to click through and check out their blogs!

What Olivia Did is rocking a leopard print jacket with an otherwise super casual look and Jag Lever looks super cool in tall lace-up boots and a floral dress.

The Styling Dutchman and Southern California Belle both look ready for nights out on the town in a mix of neutral shades.

The Flying Clubhouse perfectly layered a classic gray dress while Someone Like You looks perfectly retro in a striped dress from the 50s.

Melodic Thrift and Chic expertly mixed prints with two pieces (the dress and shoes) that I own myself and The Clothes Horse kind of makes me wish it was warm outside in her tropical print dress and sandals.

I hope you're having a fantastic January so far and a great weekend! And feel free to comment with your favorite looks from December. I'd love to check them out! You can never have too much outfit inspiration.

January 11, 2016

Outfit: Gray Wool Coat, Leopard Print Circle Scarf, Maroon Skirt, and Sheer Leopard Tights

Gray Boucle Forever 21 Coat, Leopard Print Scarf, Sheer Leopard Tights, and Cutout Boots

I picked up this gray wool blend coat from a Forever 21 sale over the summer because I figured I could use a new coat in a neutral color once it got cold. I had no idea what "boucle" was though. It seemed like some sort of textured wool, which was pretty correct I think. Apparently boucle is an uneven weave formed into loops. If you didn't know that, you learned something new today! Anyway, this coat has been keeping me warm this season with its detachable faux fur collar. I've been pairing it with my gray leopard print circle scarf a lot, which you can see here.

For this outfit, I went with some double leopard print. These tights were buried in a bag under my bed for some reason so that's why you haven't seen them in years. They have a hole in them (on the back) but I remembered it being a lot worse so I think they just were forgotten. Luckily the hole isn't bad enough to not wear them! I happily wore them with my maroon skater skirt again and added a blue crushed velvet top (that you can't really see) and my black pointed cutout boots. What do you think?

Bright Red Hair, Gray Coat with a Faux Fur Collar, and Leopard Print Circle Scarf
Sheer Black Leopard Print Tights with a Maroon Skirt, and Flat Cutout Boots
Gray Boucle Coat, Maroon Skater Skirt, Leopard Print Circle Scarf, Sheer Leopard Tights, and Cutout Boots
jacket, top: forever 21 | skirt: h&m | tights: kohl's? a long time ago | shoes: boohoo | scarf: kohl's | sunglasses: boohoo

Gold Hair Bow, Red Hair, and a Gray Winter Jacket
Gray Leopard Print Circle Scarf with a Textured Winter Coat with Fur Collar, Maroon Skater Skirt, and Leopard Print Tights

Are you having a good week so far? I streamed David Bowie music at work all day after hearing about his death this morning. Sad times for music this week. Other than that I'm just tired and wish it was the weekend again. Good thing I have a three day weekend this week. They're never long enough though. Unfortunately nothing that exciting it going on in my life right now. January is usually like that, right?

Anyway, have a great start to your week!

January 9, 2016

Outfit: Argyle Sweater, Black Skater Skirt, and Red Tights

Black Leather Jacket, Classic Argyle Sweater, and a Black Skater Skirt

There are quite a few outfits backlogged from last year that I have to show you in the new year so I hope you don't mind! Argyle always screams "holiday time" to me but I still enjoy styling this sweater in the early months of the year. It could definitely be part of a Valentine's Day-inspired look too. Plus red and black is a classic combination year round. 

This outfit included a new black skater skirt I ordered from an Old Navy sale. I got the regular version instead of the petite one since reviews said the petite one was a little short. Honestly, I think an inch or so off the length would be fine for me. I like to wear flats pretty often and longer skirts look better with heels. Not that this skirt is long by any means. In these pictures it looks like a decent length but I'm wearing heels. It's also a tiny bit big in the waist but that can be fixed! Either way it's a good basic piece to have around, which is why I bought it. For it's first day out I styled it with a classic argyle sweater my black leather jacket, and bright red tights. The shoes are a Target find from many years ago and big silver hair bow is from Forever 21. 

Argyle Sweater, Leather Jacket, Black Skater Skirt, and Red Tights
jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | sweater: izod - sam's club | skirt: old navy | tights: kmart | hair bow: forever 21 | boots: xhileration - target

Red Hair, Silver Bow, and an Argyle Sweater
Red Tights with Black Lace Up Ankle Boots
Izod Argyle Sweater with a Silver Hair Bow and Black Skirt

Are you having a good weekend so far? We did some grocery shopping and errand running today. I also spent a chunk of time downloading custom content for The Sims 4 which I downloaded after Christmas. Because I'm an adult. I'll probably play a little bit tonight. That's what Saturdays are for!

Have any of you ever pressed loose eyeshadow pigments yourself? Jeanie bought me some super cool Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows but I just don't have time to screw around with loose pigment in the morning. I was looking for glycerin to use as a binding agent for pressing, but apparently nobody carries it so off to Amazon I (virtually) go. I'll let you know how it works out!

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

January 6, 2016

2015 Outfits Recap: Favorites from July through December

I'm back for round two of my 2015 favorite outfits roundup! I can hear your cheers. These are my top picks so you may have another favorite; if you do, let me know! This final installment of my 2015 roundup includes outfits from summer to the end of the year. I would wear all of these again in an instant! 

The first six or so looks are from this past summer and you'll notice a lot of nautical influence, which is pretty routine for me. What can I say? I enjoy a good mix of navy blue and red. The next seven through 18 are fall looks which tends to be my favorite season for dressing. It seems my main color scheme shifted a bit toward black and maroon in fall 2015. The last three are definitely holiday looks. Feel free to click through to see more pictures of each. I think this post gives a good overview of what my style is in case you're stopping by for the first time.

Summer 2015 top looks, nautical style
one | two | three

Petite style blog top looks of 2015
four | five | six

Petite Panoply 2015 top looks roundup
seven | eight | nine

Favorite outfits of 2015
ten | eleven | twelve

Petite Panoply favorite fall 2015 outfits
thirteen | fourteen | fifteen

2015 December Petite Panoply favorite outfits
sixteen | seventeen | eighteen

Outside of my outfits, the last half of 2015 for me was weird and included a lot of adjustment too. I was settled into my new apartment with Matt by the time these looks were posted. Then we got our puppy, Riker. He's definitely a hand full! I'm still not completely adjusted to being a dog mom. Some days it's good and others he's a monster. I'm sure plenty of you can relate. It was stressful. 

Then my mom was away the better part of three months because my grandma was very sick. Even though I live in the city I'm relatively close to my parents and travel home to visit pretty frequently so it was weird having her far away. She traveled back for a break during Labor day weekend, which was a fun time spent being a geek at Dragon Con (I'm already thinking about next year's.) Then my grandma passed away in the fall which was tough. I traveled up north to be with the rest of my family and returned to Atlanta to get back to work. I turned 25 in October, celebrated 8 years spent with Matt, and had a quiet Halloween spent watching movies. In December Matt and I went to Las Vegas for a few days to get away (you'll see the pictures soon) and then I headed back to Illinois for Christmas with the family. And that's last half of 2015 in a nutshell. Some good times and bad. 

I'm looking forward to more good times in 2016. I don't make resolutions but there is a feeling of starting fresh in the new year even though January tends to be a downer. I just hope this year is better than the last and I intend on trying to make it so.

Have a fantastic start to your year and a great rest of your week!

January 4, 2016

2015 Outfits Recap: Favorites from January through June

It's the beginning of the year and that means it's time for an outfit roundup! These are 18 of my favorite outfits from the first half of 2015. This year I tried my best to narrow down this roundup rather than show every single outfit I wore. It's difficult for me, which I guess is a good thing since that means I like my wardrobe! 

Sometimes you don't realize you have distinct patterns to your style until you look at outfits in a roundup post like this. I noticed plenty of fit and flare dresses and lots of bold pattern and color, which I'm sure isn't news to you. There were some bodycon styles and pants thrown in too though!

Take a look and let me know which outfit is your favorite! You can click through to the full post if you want to see more too.

one | two | three

four | five | six

seven | eight | nine

ten | eleven | twelve

thirteen | fourteen | fifteen

sixteen | seventeen | eighteen

I really enjoyed looking through my outfits from the beginning of last year because there was so much change going on at that time. I was still looking for a job after grad school, so I had plenty of time for photographing outfits for this blog. I was a little restless and beat down from the job hunt but this blog gave me something to work on. After starting my job in April, the frequency of posts slowed down a bit and I started including work outfits. I moved out into an apartment in Atlanta with my boyfriend Matt soon after that. We spent a lot of the summer exploring our new neighborhood. You might have also noticed glasses were included in my looks much more because I was dealing with a problem with my eyelid for most of the year. 

Things actually happened and changed in a short period of time in 2015 and most of those positive changes went on in the beginning of the year. Maybe 2016 will bring good things in the beginning of the year? I hope so!

Stay tuned for the second half of my roundup later this week. Have a fantastic Monday!

January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve Outfit: Black Turtleneck, Gold Sequined Skater Skirt, and Dotted Tights

New Year's Look: Gold Sequined Skater Skirt, Black Short Sleeved Turtleneck, Dotted Tights, and Wedge Boots

It's the new year! Before doing a roundup of 2015 I thought I'd show you what I wore on New Year's Eve yesterday while it's still slightly relevant. (Even though the holiday is over, I'm still looking forward to seeing what you all wore.) Again, I ask: why aren't sequins a-okay all year? Or at least through the rest of the winter months which kind of suck?

I spotted this gold sparkly skirt at my last trip to Target and couldn't let it go. It was the last one left and in my size so I snatched it up! I already own a blue-green sequined skirt but it's okay to have two sequined skirts in one wardrobe, right? Just agree with me.

I styled this incredibly sparkly skirt with a neutral color palate. Metallics and black always scream of New Year's Eve to me. For a little extra fun I added polka dot tights and a super cool beetle pin I thrifted. I also added a thin black turtleneck because it looks good with everything.

Bright Red Hair, Black Turtleneck Shirt, and a Beetle Pin
Black Turtleneck and Gold Sparkly Skirt for New Year's Eve
Gold and Pearl Beetle Pin
Tiny Polka Dot Tights, Gold Sparkly Skirt, and Black Wedge Boots from Target
Sequined Gold Flippy Skirt with a Black Turtleneck Shirt and Beetle Brooch
Gold Sequined Skater Skirt, Black Turtleneck T-shirt, Polka Dot Tights, and Black Wedge Boots
top: boohoo | skirt: target | tights: betsey johnson - ross | shoes: target | pin: thrifted

So did you all have a good New Year's Eve? This is the first night I've stayed in for it for a few years. I hung out with my sister and her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and some of our friends, plus the dog. It was pretty fun and I didn't have to deal with any crowds! We drank and I fell asleep to the Twilight Zone marathon. Ringing in 2016 like the "super cool" person I am.

Anyway, I hope you're having a fantastic start to your year!

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