January 6, 2016

2015 Outfits Recap: Favorites from July through December

I'm back for round two of my 2015 favorite outfits roundup! I can hear your cheers. These are my top picks so you may have another favorite; if you do, let me know! This final installment of my 2015 roundup includes outfits from summer to the end of the year. I would wear all of these again in an instant! 

The first six or so looks are from this past summer and you'll notice a lot of nautical influence, which is pretty routine for me. What can I say? I enjoy a good mix of navy blue and red. The next seven through 18 are fall looks which tends to be my favorite season for dressing. It seems my main color scheme shifted a bit toward black and maroon in fall 2015. The last three are definitely holiday looks. Feel free to click through to see more pictures of each. I think this post gives a good overview of what my style is in case you're stopping by for the first time.

Summer 2015 top looks, nautical style
one | two | three

Petite style blog top looks of 2015
four | five | six

Petite Panoply 2015 top looks roundup
seven | eight | nine

Favorite outfits of 2015
ten | eleven | twelve

Petite Panoply favorite fall 2015 outfits
thirteen | fourteen | fifteen

2015 December Petite Panoply favorite outfits
sixteen | seventeen | eighteen

Outside of my outfits, the last half of 2015 for me was weird and included a lot of adjustment too. I was settled into my new apartment with Matt by the time these looks were posted. Then we got our puppy, Riker. He's definitely a hand full! I'm still not completely adjusted to being a dog mom. Some days it's good and others he's a monster. I'm sure plenty of you can relate. It was stressful. 

Then my mom was away the better part of three months because my grandma was very sick. Even though I live in the city I'm relatively close to my parents and travel home to visit pretty frequently so it was weird having her far away. She traveled back for a break during Labor day weekend, which was a fun time spent being a geek at Dragon Con (I'm already thinking about next year's.) Then my grandma passed away in the fall which was tough. I traveled up north to be with the rest of my family and returned to Atlanta to get back to work. I turned 25 in October, celebrated 8 years spent with Matt, and had a quiet Halloween spent watching movies. In December Matt and I went to Las Vegas for a few days to get away (you'll see the pictures soon) and then I headed back to Illinois for Christmas with the family. And that's last half of 2015 in a nutshell. Some good times and bad. 

I'm looking forward to more good times in 2016. I don't make resolutions but there is a feeling of starting fresh in the new year even though January tends to be a downer. I just hope this year is better than the last and I intend on trying to make it so.

Have a fantastic start to your year and a great rest of your week!


Sierra Rose said...

Love your style!!
Pay with Polka Dots

Curls n Cakes said...

I love all of these outfits! I tend to go for darker colours in autumn too.
Adore how you mix a little bit of nerdy with a lot of stylish. It's great!

I'm so sorry your grandmother passed away, mine did this past autumn and it's tough.
Hope 2016 will be a beautiful and wonderful year for you!
Much love,

Laura. said...

7 and 10 are my favourites! You have a beautiful, individual style. It's incredible. I wish I could look as good as you! Happy new year :)

Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

Ali Hval said...

Yep, you've had a wonderful year in outfits, that's for sure! I love two and three!

Maise Moura said...

In love....love that all looks
If you want we can follow on gcp bloglovin and instagram..
kiss from MM

CiCi said...

Agree on not making loads of resolutions (that I'll just never keep anyway) but feeling like the year is a fresh start regardless. It's nice to be able to draw a line under a year that hasn't been as great, for sure. I think what all of your outfits grouped together show is how diverse and fun your style is! I have to root for the look with the beret though, as they're my favourite and it's so French chic ;)

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