January 9, 2016

Outfit: Argyle Sweater, Black Skater Skirt, and Red Tights

Black Leather Jacket, Classic Argyle Sweater, and a Black Skater Skirt

There are quite a few outfits backlogged from last year that I have to show you in the new year so I hope you don't mind! Argyle always screams "holiday time" to me but I still enjoy styling this sweater in the early months of the year. It could definitely be part of a Valentine's Day-inspired look too. Plus red and black is a classic combination year round. 

This outfit included a new black skater skirt I ordered from an Old Navy sale. I got the regular version instead of the petite one since reviews said the petite one was a little short. Honestly, I think an inch or so off the length would be fine for me. I like to wear flats pretty often and longer skirts look better with heels. Not that this skirt is long by any means. In these pictures it looks like a decent length but I'm wearing heels. It's also a tiny bit big in the waist but that can be fixed! Either way it's a good basic piece to have around, which is why I bought it. For it's first day out I styled it with a classic argyle sweater my black leather jacket, and bright red tights. The shoes are a Target find from many years ago and big silver hair bow is from Forever 21. 

Argyle Sweater, Leather Jacket, Black Skater Skirt, and Red Tights
jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | sweater: izod - sam's club | skirt: old navy | tights: kmart | hair bow: forever 21 | boots: xhileration - target

Red Hair, Silver Bow, and an Argyle Sweater
Red Tights with Black Lace Up Ankle Boots
Izod Argyle Sweater with a Silver Hair Bow and Black Skirt

Are you having a good weekend so far? We did some grocery shopping and errand running today. I also spent a chunk of time downloading custom content for The Sims 4 which I downloaded after Christmas. Because I'm an adult. I'll probably play a little bit tonight. That's what Saturdays are for!

Have any of you ever pressed loose eyeshadow pigments yourself? Jeanie bought me some super cool Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows but I just don't have time to screw around with loose pigment in the morning. I was looking for glycerin to use as a binding agent for pressing, but apparently nobody carries it so off to Amazon I (virtually) go. I'll let you know how it works out!

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


B Ramida said...

You look so cute!



Love it! Adorable

Imogen said...

I love jumpers in this print but can never find one, I really want to add it to my wardrobe. Love the red tights too, been wearing mine lately. Very well put together look.

Amanda said...

What a C.U.T.E. outfit! Admittedly I wasn't a fan of argyle until the summer and now I'm a total convert and on the search for more. This sweater is so cute and I love your red tights!

Curls n Cakes said...

Super cute look!
I love the heels, they are gorgeous. And a black skirt - can't go wrong with it.
I like argyle and I think you're right, this would be a perfect Valentine's outfit!
Much love,

Ali Hval said...

Eeeek! I love black, red, and white together. The perfect color combo. And colored tights! Man, I remember when everyone used to be wearing colored tights. Or maybe I just don't follow anyone who wears them much anymore, but I do love 'em.

Mica T said...

You wear those red tights so well! :) I love your ankle boots too :)

I've never felt bold enough for coloured tights, although I like my coloured jeans so it shouldn't be too much of a leap...I'm really boring and stick to black tights in winter, but your fun red tights are what makes this outfit so special IMHO :)

Away From The Blue Blog

ModernVintageStyle said...

I'm always a fan of coloured tights with black, but they are even better here because of the red in the argyle pattern. A great combination! Kx

Panty Buns said...

What a beautifully coordinated outfit! all of the outfit pieces look like they were made to be worn with each other.
I love how the bright red Kmart tights and black Old Navy skater skirt look styled with with your red, white and black Izod sweater.


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