January 11, 2016

Outfit: Gray Wool Coat, Leopard Print Circle Scarf, Maroon Skirt, and Sheer Leopard Tights

Gray Boucle Forever 21 Coat, Leopard Print Scarf, Sheer Leopard Tights, and Cutout Boots

I picked up this gray wool blend coat from a Forever 21 sale over the summer because I figured I could use a new coat in a neutral color once it got cold. I had no idea what "boucle" was though. It seemed like some sort of textured wool, which was pretty correct I think. Apparently boucle is an uneven weave formed into loops. If you didn't know that, you learned something new today! Anyway, this coat has been keeping me warm this season with its detachable faux fur collar. I've been pairing it with my gray leopard print circle scarf a lot, which you can see here.

For this outfit, I went with some double leopard print. These tights were buried in a bag under my bed for some reason so that's why you haven't seen them in years. They have a hole in them (on the back) but I remembered it being a lot worse so I think they just were forgotten. Luckily the hole isn't bad enough to not wear them! I happily wore them with my maroon skater skirt again and added a blue crushed velvet top (that you can't really see) and my black pointed cutout boots. What do you think?

Bright Red Hair, Gray Coat with a Faux Fur Collar, and Leopard Print Circle Scarf
Sheer Black Leopard Print Tights with a Maroon Skirt, and Flat Cutout Boots
Gray Boucle Coat, Maroon Skater Skirt, Leopard Print Circle Scarf, Sheer Leopard Tights, and Cutout Boots
jacket, top: forever 21 | skirt: h&m | tights: kohl's? a long time ago | shoes: boohoo | scarf: kohl's | sunglasses: boohoo

Gold Hair Bow, Red Hair, and a Gray Winter Jacket
Gray Leopard Print Circle Scarf with a Textured Winter Coat with Fur Collar, Maroon Skater Skirt, and Leopard Print Tights

Are you having a good week so far? I streamed David Bowie music at work all day after hearing about his death this morning. Sad times for music this week. Other than that I'm just tired and wish it was the weekend again. Good thing I have a three day weekend this week. They're never long enough though. Unfortunately nothing that exciting it going on in my life right now. January is usually like that, right?

Anyway, have a great start to your week!


Panty Buns said...

I can see in the third photo that your blue crushed velvet top is beautiful and looks fabulous paired with your maroon skater skirt! Your scarf and leopard print tights also look great styled together. I didn't know what "boucle" was either, but the boucle weave of your warm coat looks very nice. That outfit looks wonderful with the coat and scarf outside and must look beautiful with the blue velvet top uncovered indoors as well.


Lee said...

i looove your tights! This is such a cute outfit! I have the same skirt from h&m and wear it all the time!

Lee - leethrifts.blogspot.com

Pauline MoiNonPlus said...

Very lovely !


Amanda said...

This is an adorable outfit! I absolutely love you jacket it looks so cozy! and I am totally IN LOVE with your tights!!

Laura Whitman said...

That coat looks so crazy cozy! Also, those shoes are so bomb!


Imogen said...

I love boucle, it is actually one of my favourites. I have two boucle jackets and one is in a similar colour scheme to yours. Boucle always reminds me of Chanel. Your coat is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so warm, I just want to be wearing it right now...I have such a thing for coats.

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