February 3, 2016

15 Novelty Pins I Need

I've always enjoyed sorting through vintage pins at the thrift store and wholeheartedly think it's time pins as a jewelry type make a comeback. Honestly, I've been wearing my pins - or brooches as you fancier people may say - more than my necklaces the past few months. It's pretty evident to me that pins are on their way back "in" when I see all these fun, geeky, colorful ones pop up all over the internet. Naturally, I want them all. I think it'd be good to have some quirkier pop culture pins among my pretty vintage ones don't you think? 

I put together a list of some of my favorites I've come across in the past couple months. I don't own any of these yet BUT I did buy the Slurm one (Futurama represent!) and it's on its way to me as we speak. There are only a few left of those so if you're a Futurama fan you might want to check that out. The Scully pin is sold out right now too which is a shame because I'd be wearing it every Monday while these new episodes air.

Are you on board with the silly yet awesome novelty brooch trend or do you stick to the classics? Which of these is your favorite?

Favorite pop culture and geeky novelty pins

1 // East Peach Slurm Pin - Trial and Terror

2 // Be Patient pin - Cat Solen

3 // Scully pin - Robin Eisenberg

4 // Cat Leela from Futurama - Danielle V. Green Illustrations

5 // Spock Pin - The Found Retail

6 // Sailor Moon Crisis Heart Pin - Creepy Gals

7 // T-Rex Pin - Lydia Meiying

8 // Tamagotchi Pin - Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

9 // Spellbound Rose Brooch - Deer Arrow

10 // Heidi & Gretel Audrey II Brooch - Vintage Pip

11 // The Sims Hot Date Bed Pin - Rosehound Apparel

12 // Cheers Beer Pin - Darling Distraction

13 // Lydia Deetz Strange and Unusual Pin - Ludlow Luna

14 // Troop Beverly Hills Pins - Queen Beans Jewelry

15 // Morticia and Gomez Addams Pins - Baccurelli

Be sure to send me the links to your favorites! 2016 may need to be the year I amass an even greater collection of pins!


Adele said...

definitely want to invest in some nice enamel pins <3


Imogen said...

They are so adorable and unique. Number 10 is my favourite.

Ali Hval said...

Those really are cute! I like using pins to hang up things on my corkboard--then I can look at them all the time!

Natasha Hill said...

I love that Slurm pin, that's so cool! I'm a huge Futurama fan so I'd definitely wear that one. - Tasha

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love novelty pins! I especially love the Slurm one and the Cat Leela one. Futurama is one of my all-time favorite shows.

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