February 8, 2016

A Jeanie Outfit: Black Romper with Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Black Romper with Sheer Long Sleeves worn with Leopard Print Chelsea Boots

It's been a long time since I've been able to show you a Jeanie outfit. I don't get to see my sister as often now that I live in Atlanta but I assure you she still wears cool clothes. We spent the holidays together so I had to snap some pictures of this ultra fantastic outfit she wore. I feel like a look like this is very versatile. So versatile it was perfect for Christmas time dinner! Though it could even be worn in the summer time.

Jeanie's leopard print boots are my new favorite and I wish I had a pair like them. I probably don't need leopard print boots but oh well. They're awesome. Her romper also is really flattering with a sheer back and sheer sleeves. I'm a fan. I think I need to convince Jeanie to let me take pictures of her outfits more often, don't you?

Dark Wine Lipstick with Pink Eyeshadow
Leopard Print Chelsea Boots
Black Long Sleeved Romper for the Holidays

So did you guys have a good weekend? We did obligatory grocery shopping and dog food shopping on Saturday before relaxing the entire day yesterday along with watching the Super Bowl. I was actually able to play some video games and lounge in my pajamas all day without judgement. It was delightful. But now we're back to real life this Monday! I'm already looking forward to next weekend since I have a three day weekend and some fun pre-Valentine's Day plans out in Athens with Matt and my sister and her boyfriend. Should be a good time.

Anyway, I hope you have a great start to your week!


Pauline MoiNonPlus said...

Graou ! Roar !
Love your style !!


Imogen said...

I have missed Jeanie outfits...make sure you see her more often!! She looks beautiful as always and I adore the touch of print.

nonnapuffo said...

Great post. Well done
I love your style and your blog too.
Visit mine if you want
many kisses

Rose Bhatti said...

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Love your blog! Great work

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