February 11, 2016

Work Outfit: Turtleneck Sweater Dress with Red Tights and Wedge Boots

Valentine Outfit: Bodycon Mock Turtleneck Sweater Dress with Red Tights

Have you ever taken a batch of pictures and had so few turn out that you didn't even get the option of choosing the most flattering ones? Well that's what happened here. I asked Matt to snap a few pictures after work real quick before walking our usually-misbehaving puppy, Riker. Conditions were less than favorable. It was an overcast day and sunlight was fading quick. On top of that, Riker decided it was fun to jump around every time the shutter button was pressed. As you can guess, 90% of the pictures were blurry. Luckily I was able to salvage enough pictures for this post because I really enjoyed this outfit. I apologize for the not-up-to-par quality though.

Maybe you'll get some Valentine's Day weekend inspiration from this look? That's really why I wanted to salvage these pictures. (I probably could've done a better job salvaging them if the version of Photoshop I have could read the RAW files my camera produces...but that's a complaint for another time.) Anyway, this slightly Valentine's-inspired look was worn to work this week on a very chilly day. I really shouldn't have been outside without a coat taking these pictures.

This bodycon sweater dress is one of my favorites to wear to work on cold days. I'm all covered up = oh so modest, but it's also fitted = sexy times? (apparently, because last time I wore it I was cat honked at. It's a turtleneck. I just don't understand.) This time I paired my bright red tights with it and wore my comfy black wedge boots. The heart necklace is one I've had for many many years. I think it was a Christmas gift long ago. And now that I think of it, this dress was a gift from my mom! Good pick, Mom!

Bronze Heart Necklace from Forever 21
Bright Red Tights with Black Wedge Ankle Boots
Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Dress with a Heart Necklace
dress, necklace: forever 21 | tights: kmart | boots: target

How has your week been so far? Mine has been relatively stressful so I'm glad the weekend is around the corner. I just need to get some sleep and a break from unruly puppy watching. Matt goes away for work once in a while and trips all hit this week so I've been on my own disciplining Riker. Is it bad that I'm ready for my puppy to be not a puppy? Because I don't really care if it's bad or not. He's sleeping next to me as I put together this post though, so he's being good right now. Puppy life is so rough, isn't it?

Anyway, have a super great end of your week and - if I don't post again before then - have a nice Valentine's Day if you celebrate. At least go eat some chocolate or heart shaped donuts. That's the best part of the day anyway!


ModernVintageStyle said...

Red tights are the perfect accompaniment to this dress - but then I always love a red/black combination. It's great dress as well - so perfectly fitted! Kx

Lorna Sharp said...

Love the turtle neck dresses like that !


Ashley said...

That is a great combo; red and black is hard to beat! As for turtleneck sweater-dresses being sexy, I'd have to say yes, they are! Guys are suckers for professionally-dressed women (it's like their version of how women like a "man in uniform" LOL), and having a little bit of "spice" with the red tights would bowl most over :).

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