March 31, 2016

Outfit: White Lace Up Top, Red Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, and Tall Brown Ankle Boots

Quatrefoil Floral Print Mini Skirt, White Ruffled and Lace Up Blouse, Navy Blue Tights, and Retro Inspired Tawny Brown Block Heel Boots

I really miss wearing my mini skirts because they're not exactly "work appropriate" and I can't wear one every single weekend or I'd be missing out on all my other clothes. When I put this outfit on I just stood in front of the mirror and was like, "yes. return to me oh mini skirt goodness!" Plus the combination of the ruffled and lace up top with the pattern in the skirt was calling to me. Then I added in the super tall retro-looking ankle boots and I'm pretty sure this outfit turned out perfect. 

I wasn't going to do the whole lace up shirt trend (because I had one back when they were last in style when I was in middle school) but this one was right up my alley with the addition of ruffles. I can see myself styling this shirt a lot of different ways this spring. Unfortunately I probably can't wear it to work either because of the whole seeing-my-bra-through-the-lace-up-part-if-you-look-closely-enough. So this is my delightful, not-work-appropriate 70s-ish inspired look. What do you think?

Bright Red Hair, Winged Eyeliner, and a Ruffled White Blouse
White Lace Up Blouse with Ruffles and a Red Skirt
Red and Navy Blue Mini Skirt, White Lace Up 70s Inspired Blouse, and Brown Ankle Boots
Red Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, White Long Sleeved Lace Up Top
Geometric Floral Mini, Navy Blue Tights, and Retro Inspired Gold Heel Ankle Boots
Retro Lace Up White Blouse with a Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, Navy Blue Tights, and Tall Tawny Brown Ankle Boots
top, skirt, shoes: forever 21 | tights: target | earrings: mom's

How has your week been? I'm just ready for it to be the weekend so I can relax and hopefully do some reading. I've been wanting to make a little herb garden to have on our deck too, so maybe that'll be my weekend project. Do you have any fun plans?

Thanks for stopping by!

March 29, 2016

February Favorites

Happy Tuesday to you! It's nearly the end of March (how???) so I got my butt in gear to put together my favorite blogger looks from February. Everyone here looks so cute, I'd wear any and all of these outfits. I hope you can get some fun outfit inspiration. Please be sure to check out their blogs and inspiring styles!

CiCi Marie looks so cute in gingham and red and Someone Like You is rocking layers and a colorful plaid dress.

Midwest Muse and A Clothes Horse both look super cool in dark colors and graphic t-shirts.

Vintage-inspired beauties Southern California Belle and The Soubrette Brunette have the coolest patterned dresses.

Which look is your favorite? Are you looking forward to even more spring outfit inspiration?

Hope you're having an awesome start to your week!

March 27, 2016

Outfit: Floral and Bow Print Dress, Teal Cardigan, Blue Flats, and Retro Hair

Teal Cropped Cardigan, Floral PepaLoves Dress, Pointed Blue Flats, and a Red Bouffant

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate! I wanted to post a particularly spring-y outfit to mark such a spring-tastic holiday. I wore this floral and bow print Pepaloves dress to work just the other day. It's one of those dresses I really love but don't wear super often. Maybe it's because it seems so memorable people might notice if I wore it all the time? Or maybe I just need to find more cropped cardigans so I can wear it with more colors. A nice pink one would be good...

Anyway, I paired it with my teal cropped cardigan from Delia's (which is really the perfect cropped cardigan for me) and my pointed royal blue flats. I've been putting my hair up again more often so it's in this slightly messy bouffant with flower hair clips to match the dress.

It's funny how I was pretty decent at getting my hair in a bouffant before I cut my hair super short two years ago. Then once it grew out again I had to relearn. There were a couple mornings I spent way too long in the bathroom trying to get my hair to sit right only to angrily brush it all out. Brushing out teased, hair sprayed hair isn't much fun. I think I've gotten the hang of it again though.

Bright Red Bouffant with a White Flower Hair Clip
Teal Cropped Cardigan, Off White Belt, and a Pepaloves Spring Dress
Teal Cardigan with a Retro Floral Pepaloves Dress and a Red Bouffant
Pepaloves floral and bow print dress, off white belt, blue flats, and teal cardigan

So did you have a good weekend? We spent ours traveling back and forth to our parents' houses, visiting, and eating lots of food. Riker is wiped out from the change in schedule and I don't blame him. I'm pretty tired too! Next weekend will be almost entirely for relaxing. 

Have a great end of your weekend and start to your week!

March 21, 2016

Outfit: Futurama Tank Top, Mustard Cardigan, Corduroy Shorts, and Red Tights

Mustard Cardigan, Planet Express Tank Top, Black Corduroy Shorts, Red Tights, and Black Patent Flats

I don't own nearly enough Futurama clothing or accessories for it being my absolute favorite TV show of all time. So when I saw this Planet Express tank top on Look Human, I had to have it. First of all, it's super comfy and can be worn for lounging or actual leaving-the-house activities. Second, it shrunk to the perfect size after washing. You can probably tell here that the straps were too long the first time I wore it. I'm glad I threw it through the dryer before taking them up because it's an 100% perfect fit now.

For its first day out I paired it with some bright colors: my mustard yellow cardigan and a pair of bold red tights. The brights were balanced out by my black corduroy shorts and a pair of patent mary jane flats from Modcloth. Just a comfortable weekend outfit and a welcome reunion with these high-waisted shorts I hadn't worn in much too long.

I love getting back in my comfy high-waisted shorts that I used to wear so often back in college. Now that I work like a normal adult person I can't wear my shorts that much. I just really enjoyed this outfit with the bright colors, comfy shorts, and geeky tank top. What do you think?

Silver Hoop Earrings, Red Hair, Mustard Cardigan, and Futurama Tank Top
Black Planet Express Futurama Look Human Tank Top with Mustard Yellow Cardigan
Planet Express Graphic Top, Black High Waisted Corduroy Shorts, Red Tights, and a Comfy Mustard Cardigan
Mustard Oversized Cardigan, Planet Express Graphic Tank Top, Black Corduroy Shorts, and Red Tights
tank top: look human | shorts: forever 21 | tights: kmart | boss of gloss flats: modcloth | cardigan: thrifted (originally from target) | earrings: mom's

Silver Hoop Earrings with Red Hair
Mustard Yellow Cardigan, Planet Express Futurama Tank Top, Corduroy Shorts, Red Tights, and Patent Mary Janes

I hope you've had a good start to your week! I was definitely not ready for Monday to be here, but here we are. It's still hard for me to get up when the sun isn't shining through the window anymore but I sure enjoy the extra hour of sun when I get home from work. Oh the joys of Daylight Saving Time. How are you faring?

In other news, I feel like I'm so far behind reading your blogs. I'm trying hard to catch up but real life keeps getting in the way of computer life. I'm sure many of you can relate. I'm still here and reading your comments and reading your blogs too - just more slowly than before!

Happy Monday!

March 17, 2016

Outfit: Red and Green Plaid Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Gray Tights, and Cat Eye Glasses

Plaid Modcloth Dress, Black Leather Jacket, Cat Eye Glasses, Gray Tights, and Black Ankle Boots for St. Pat's

Saint Patrick's day is kind of a big deal in my family and I tend to celebrate all week long, wearing as much green as possible. I do own a lot of green clothes. Unfortunately this isn't what I'm wearing today but it fits the green theme somewhat, so it'll be my St. Pat's post this year! I'm wearing a shamrock necklace so it works, right?

I originally bought this green, red, and blue plaid dress from Modcloth for Christmas but it ended up being much too large in the bodice area, which is a struggle I often have with dresses fitted at the waist. The back was buckling out from too much fabric so my mom altered it for me by taking up the shoulders and now it fits perfectly! Clearly it didn't end up being a holiday dress but maybe this year it will be. For now I styled it with my faux leather jacket, some gray tights, and lace-up ankle boots. I was rocking my cat eye glasses because my eyes were bothering me too.

Shamrock Necklace with a Plaid Dress
Red Hair, Leather Jacket, and a Plaid Dress
Red, Green, and Blue Plaid Dress with a Patent Belt
Red, Green and Blue Plaid Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Gray Tights, and Black Lace Up Boots
dress: modcloth | jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | tights: forever 21 | boots: target | necklace: grandma's | glasses: zenni optical

Are you doing anything fun for Saint Patrick's Day? We don't have any plans but I wish we did. It can be hard to go out on a Thursday! Especially this week with Daylight saving time. It's been so hard to wake up every day even though it's just an hour different. I do enjoy seeing the sun for a little while after getting home though.

Anyway, happy Saint Patrick's Day and happy Thursday! I hope you have a great rest of your week.

March 12, 2016

Outfit: High Waisted Bell Bottoms, Donut Print T-shirt, and a Black Leather Jacket

Dark Wash Bell Bottom Jeans, Donut Print T-shirt, Leather Jacket, and Wedge Boots

Even though a lot of style bloggers never show outfits with jeans, I think it's possible to put together an interesting, share-worthy outfit with them. These dark wash, high-waisted bell bottom jeans were ordered from about a year ago and unfortunately they don't carry them anymore. If you're very short, it's 100% necessary to buy petite bell bottoms or else you cut off most of the bell part hemming them. These were a perfect find for me and I wear them pretty often, especially to work with various blouses. I should've bought two pairs they're so perfect!

This was a casual weekend outfit though. I like the updated 70s vibes going on. I styled my jeans with a donut print graphic t-shirt (which was a Secret Santa gift), my incredibly useful faux leather jacket, comfy wedge boots, and a pair of gold hoop earrings. 

What do you think? Have you found any petite bell bottoms lately? I think they're a nice way to switch things up in the denim department. I still enjoy my high-waisted skinny jeans too. I can wear flats with those but these flares make me look taller. Good times.

Donut Print V-neck Graphic Tee with a Black Faux Leather Jacket
Hoop Earrings, Doughnut Print Shirt, and a Faux Leather Jacket
Bright Red Hair with Bangs and Gold Hoop Earrings
Dark Wash Old Navy High Waist Bell Bottom Jeans with Black Wedge Boots
High Waisted Bell Bottoms, Donut Print T-shirt, Black Leather Jacket, and Black Wedge Boots
jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | top: tj maxx | jeans: old navy | boots: target | earrings: mom's

I hope you're having a good weekend so far. I'm so happy to be relaxing on the couch. It's super warm outside here in Atlanta already but there's a possibility of it cooling off again. It feels almost summery today though. I'm enjoying it for now but hot weather always lingers so long in Georgia. I wish we had more seasonally appropriate springs and falls. Oh well. 

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

March 5, 2016

Outfit: Striped Dress, Blue Plaid Coat, Knee Socks, and a White Knit Scarf

Blue and White Plaid Coat, Black Striped Dress, Blue Glasses, Herringbone Patterned Tights, and Black Knee Socks

The amount of stripey patterns going on in this outfit makes me happy. I didn't originally plan to wear this blue plaid coat when I put on the rest of my clothes, but the added color and pattern adds a lot to my outfit. There might be too much going on for some, but I enjoyed it! It was perfect for wandering around Piedmont Park with Matt and Riker. Although at one point it got a little warm and I had to take my scarf off. Oh well!

This striped fit and flare dress is one of the comfier options in my closet. It feels like pajamas which is almost always a plus. Then I layered some herringbone fishnet tights with black knee socks - because why not? The wedge boots were a practical, yet stylish choice because they're incredibly comfortable to walk in. Finally, I wore my big blue Firmoo glasses since they hadn't seen daylight in a while. Overall, a busy, yet comfy outfit for a warm winter day.

Layering Over the Knee Socks with Fishnet Tights, Black Wedge Ankle Boots, and a Black Striped Dress
Blue Glasses, Chunky White Scarf, Blue Plaid Winter Coat, Striped Dress, and Black Knee Socks
Blue Geek Firmoo Glasses, Bright Red Hair, Striped Fit and Flare Dress, and a Plaid Jacket
Chunky White Knit Scarf, Blue and White Plaid Coat, and a Black and White Striped Dress
Geek Glasses, Blue Plaid Coat, Black Striped Dress, Over the Knee Socks, and Black Wedge Boots
coat: target | dress: forever 21 | tights: kohls? | socks: target | wedge boots: target | scarf: new york & company | glasses: c/o firmoo

In other news, it's already the weekend and I'm very happy about that! It's supposed to be nice and sunny all weekend here in Atlanta, so we may get out and about again with Riker. He's still worn out after an exciting time at the dog park yesterday though. 

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I want to hear about them! 


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