March 17, 2016

Outfit: Red and Green Plaid Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Gray Tights, and Cat Eye Glasses

Plaid Modcloth Dress, Black Leather Jacket, Cat Eye Glasses, Gray Tights, and Black Ankle Boots for St. Pat's

Saint Patrick's day is kind of a big deal in my family and I tend to celebrate all week long, wearing as much green as possible. I do own a lot of green clothes. Unfortunately this isn't what I'm wearing today but it fits the green theme somewhat, so it'll be my St. Pat's post this year! I'm wearing a shamrock necklace so it works, right?

I originally bought this green, red, and blue plaid dress from Modcloth for Christmas but it ended up being much too large in the bodice area, which is a struggle I often have with dresses fitted at the waist. The back was buckling out from too much fabric so my mom altered it for me by taking up the shoulders and now it fits perfectly! Clearly it didn't end up being a holiday dress but maybe this year it will be. For now I styled it with my faux leather jacket, some gray tights, and lace-up ankle boots. I was rocking my cat eye glasses because my eyes were bothering me too.

Shamrock Necklace with a Plaid Dress
Red Hair, Leather Jacket, and a Plaid Dress
Red, Green, and Blue Plaid Dress with a Patent Belt
Red, Green and Blue Plaid Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Gray Tights, and Black Lace Up Boots
dress: modcloth | jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | tights: forever 21 | boots: target | necklace: grandma's | glasses: zenni optical

Are you doing anything fun for Saint Patrick's Day? We don't have any plans but I wish we did. It can be hard to go out on a Thursday! Especially this week with Daylight saving time. It's been so hard to wake up every day even though it's just an hour different. I do enjoy seeing the sun for a little while after getting home though.

Anyway, happy Saint Patrick's Day and happy Thursday! I hope you have a great rest of your week.


ModernVintageStyle said...

I think grey is much underrated and I really like the combination of colours here! Kx

Frannie Pantz said...

I have been all about my grey tights for some reason lately and I am always down with plaid. This dress is so cute!

Laura. said...

Beautiful outfit, you look amazing as always :)

Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

Eccentric Owl said...

This dress is perfect for St. Patrick's day! I love it! We're going over to my parents' for dinner today, but that's all the plans we have!


Karolina said...

I love your dress so much! It matches your hair perfectly!
I see it's not just me who has the problem with clothes in waist area, I can't find a pair of jeans that would fit in the hips and waist, god why?

Karolina said...

Actually you mentioned the bodice part, but well - it's almost the same, if a dress is fitted in bodice, the waist is always huge, and if the waist fits, the bodice looks like 4 sizes too small!

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