March 31, 2016

Outfit: White Lace Up Top, Red Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, and Tall Brown Ankle Boots

Quatrefoil Floral Print Mini Skirt, White Ruffled and Lace Up Blouse, Navy Blue Tights, and Retro Inspired Tawny Brown Block Heel Boots

I really miss wearing my mini skirts because they're not exactly "work appropriate" and I can't wear one every single weekend or I'd be missing out on all my other clothes. When I put this outfit on I just stood in front of the mirror and was like, "yes. return to me oh mini skirt goodness!" Plus the combination of the ruffled and lace up top with the pattern in the skirt was calling to me. Then I added in the super tall retro-looking ankle boots and I'm pretty sure this outfit turned out perfect. 

I wasn't going to do the whole lace up shirt trend (because I had one back when they were last in style when I was in middle school) but this one was right up my alley with the addition of ruffles. I can see myself styling this shirt a lot of different ways this spring. Unfortunately I probably can't wear it to work either because of the whole seeing-my-bra-through-the-lace-up-part-if-you-look-closely-enough. So this is my delightful, not-work-appropriate 70s-ish inspired look. What do you think?

Bright Red Hair, Winged Eyeliner, and a Ruffled White Blouse
White Lace Up Blouse with Ruffles and a Red Skirt
Red and Navy Blue Mini Skirt, White Lace Up 70s Inspired Blouse, and Brown Ankle Boots
Red Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, White Long Sleeved Lace Up Top
Geometric Floral Mini, Navy Blue Tights, and Retro Inspired Gold Heel Ankle Boots
Retro Lace Up White Blouse with a Geometric Floral Mini Skirt, Navy Blue Tights, and Tall Tawny Brown Ankle Boots
top, skirt, shoes: forever 21 | tights: target | earrings: mom's

How has your week been? I'm just ready for it to be the weekend so I can relax and hopefully do some reading. I've been wanting to make a little herb garden to have on our deck too, so maybe that'll be my weekend project. Do you have any fun plans?

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Jacquard Flower said...

Great skirt love the colours and pattern. You have styled it perfectly. Also love the colour of your hair. Gemma x

Jenny said...

Gotta love a good mini-skirt! I don't think that one looks too risque for work; it's a decent length and fit. The dark blue tights really make this outfit a knock-out, picking up the detail in the skirt and giving great contrast to the whole thing.

Lee said...

That skirt is adorable! I love a good mini skirt too considering I'm so short!

Lee -

Curls n Cakes said...

Yes! You are right! The outfit is just perfect!
That skirt is so cute! I love a good mini skirt as well. They're perfect for us shorter ladies.
Very 70's and trendy!
Much love,

Ali Hval said...

Yaaaaaas girl! I love that skirt and your amazing Pirates of the Carribean top. Baahha, I'm kidding. It is so super cute, though. I used to have a shirt just like that but then I shrunk it in the wash.Ugh, it was the best! But yes, you did amazing pairing it with that skirt and your pretty navy tights. Always so classy.

Laura. said...

You look gorgeous as ever, loving the shoes

Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

Adele said...

gorgeous skirt!

Priya said...

Oh, I love this! It looks totally Mad Men to me. And I feel you, I have some shorter skirts I'd like to wear to the office, but it feels like it'd be pushing it! This looks totally appropriate though.

♥ perfectly Priya

Priya said...

Not sure if my comment went through- I love this outfit! It looks so Mad Men to me. This skirt looks totally appropriate (yay short legs + tights!) it almost looks like a pencil skirt to me! I totally get you though, good thing you're *aware* of work-place appropriateness (not everyone is that way :)

♥ perfectly Priya

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