April 29, 2016

Outfit: Cameoko Jewelry, Blue Polka Dot Dress, and a Mint Green Bag

White Pointed Collar, Dark Blue Polka Dot Dress from F21, Brown Sunglasses for Spring
Brass Glitter Resin Post Earrings by Cameoko Jewelry, Red Hair, and Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress with Exaggerated White Collar, Mint Green Purse, and Brown Sunglasses

Good morning! Today I'm pleased to introduce you to fantastic local Atlanta business, Cameoko, which is a line of handmade resin jewelry. Camille reached out to me after finding my pictures on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in trying out and styling some of her jewelry. I'm so glad she found me because now I know about this gorgeousness! (I already told Matt I want more Cameoko jewelry if he decides I need a pretty present sometime. Too bad my birthday is all the way in October.)

I love how unique, yet versatile Camille's pieces are. They can be worn on super casual days or when you want to be fancy. You can tell she puts a lot of care into her work with the quality of the jewelry too. I don't have to be worried about anything breaking and the materials are high-quality and don't irritate my ears. Seriously, the surgical steel backs are wonderful. Not to mention Cameoko jewelry is affordable! Always a huge plus! 

Cameoko Post Earrings in their Packaging
Pictured: (top) turquoise gemstone inlay in resin earrings, size large, set in surgical steel (find it here)
(middle) mother of pearl gemstone inlay in resin earrings, size medium, set in surgical steel (find it here)
(bottom) champagne glitter resin inlay, set in brass with steel backs (similar here)

Gold Hexagon Necklace with Gold Leaf Resin Inlay from Cameoko out of Atlanta
Pictured: 18" gold flake and clear resin gold hexagon necklace (find it here)

I wore the turquoise button earrings with the fringe bar necklace a couple days before I wore the outfit in this post, so I snapped a couple pictures and figured I'd share!
Turquoise Cameoko Button Earrings and a Rook Piercing
Camoko Three Fringe Bar Necklace with Multicolored Metallic Flakes in Resin
Pictured: fringe bar necklace with resin and metallic flakes (find it here)

You can buy Cameoko jewelry on her website or on the Cameoko Etsy shop. If you're in the Atlanta area, you can check out the goods in person at The Beehive at Edgewood, Homegrown in Decatur and Kudzu Antiques in Decatur. She'll also be at the Athens Indie South Springtacular this Saturday and Sunday and the Atlanta Spring Fling on May 14.

I'm very happy to promote a local businesswoman and a fellow UGA grad!

Now for more outfit pictures: The rest of this outfit is pretty simple with a navy blue polka dot dress that I've had for years, leopard print flats, and tortoise shell sunglasses that I won from a giveaway a couple years back. The mint green Brit-Stitch bag was from Modcloth. It's starting to get hot here so simple outfits like this are a go-to most days! Dress, shoes, sunglasses - and maybe some pretty jewelry.

Mint Green Brit-Stitch Satchel, Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress with White Collar, Bright Red Hair
dress: forever 21 | bag: c/o modcloth | sunglasses: won in a giveaway | shoes: delia's | earrings and necklace: c/o cameoko

Gold Hexagon Necklace with Gold Leaf and Resin Inlay worn with a Polka Dot Dress
Navy Polka Dot Dress with White Collar, Red Ponytail, and Brown Sunglasses
Pointed Leopard Print Flats in the Clover
Navy Blue Forever 21 Polka Dot Retro Dress with Tortoise Shell Sunglasses and a Mint Green Purse

I hope you all had a great week so far. I've just been putting along at work, hanging with my dog, and being generally boring. I'm also resisting buying more ColourPop lipstick since they came out with the Ultra Satin ones and their new Matte X formula. So many pretty lipsticks and only one mouth on which to wear them. Anyway, have a fantastic weekend. I look forward to reading some of your blogs and catching up! Happy Friday!

April 21, 2016

Review: Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayons in Auburn and Soft Brown from Influenster

Although you can't always see my eyebrows since I have bangs, I assure you I do still fill them in regularly because wind exists. Influenster sent me the new Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in a couple different shades, Auburn and Soft Brown, to try out and share a review with you.

The eyebrow crayon is supposed to be an all-in-one, one-step brow product. So essentially it's color and rogue-eyebrow-hair-taming wax in one stick. Overall: it did a good job! The product is very pigmented, soft, and really does keep my eyebrows in place. 

Cons: The crayon doesn't give the most precise application. I think it'd be perfect for people who already have pretty intense eyebrows, but mine aren't that thick and I definitely had some issues keeping the outline sharp on the tail end of my brows. I'm going to try applying with an angled brush for a more precise application. I recommend combing the color through with a spoolie brush to distribute the color more evenly too.

Soft Brown and Auburn Swatches of the Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayons on Light Skin

I loved both the colors I tried out and wore both of them in the picture below. (Now you know I have eyebrows!) On the left, I'm wearing the Brow Drama crayon and on the right I didn't apply anything. These days I tend to use a cooler, lighter brown shade on the inner part of my eyebrows and a darker, reddish shade on the tail end. I could pretty much replicate my usual eyebrow look with these colors. The Soft Brown, although cooler than the Auburn color, still leaned pretty warm though. 

Redhead Wearing Auburn and Soft Brown Mayelline Eyebrow Crayons
Packaging for the Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Pomade Crayon in Auburn and Soft Brown c/o Influenster

Price: It looks like it's retailing for $9.99 but since it's a drug store product, wait for a sale and pick it up at a discount.

The bottom line: The product itself is great - long lasting, creamy, and pigmented. However, precise application is difficult using just the crayon itself, particularly if you don't have the thickest brows in the land.

April 16, 2016

Outfit: Navy Blue Polka Dot Swing Dress with Off White Belt and Heels

Lindy Bop Hetty Dress in Navy Blue Polka Dots, Off White Belt, and Peep Toe Heels

My style swings in a lot of different directions and one of them is girly retro goodness like this. I picked up this Lindy Bop Hetty dress from an epic clearance sale they had going on a couple months ago. I'd never ordered from them before so I was kind of holding my breath wondering if it would fit correctly. Thankfully it did! It just needed a couple inches taken off the length which is pretty par for the course considering I'm not even 5 feet tall.

For its first day out I swapped out the belt that came with it for a thinner, off white one I thrifted. The belt that came with it was great quality but just a little too wide for my tiny tiny torso. My shoes have been with me for quite a few years now and are always a spring favorite. I liked that they matched my belt. Matchy matchy just felt right with this super retro dress.

Red Blunt Bob and Shawl Collar Polka Dot Dress
Navy Blue Polka Dot Lindy Bop Dress with an Off White Mixed Metal Belt
Vintage Style Dark Blue Dotted Swing Dress with Off White Chunky Heels
Bright Red Hair with Bangs and a Blue Dress
Lindy Bop Hetty Fit and Flare Blue Polka Dot Dress, Off White Thrifted Belt, and Off White Peeptoe Shoes
hetty dress: lindy bop | belt: thrifted | shoes: bongo - kmart

I hope you all had a good week. Mine kind of flew by but I'm not complaining! I'm always happy it's the weekend. In other news Matt and I booked a flight to take a European vacation later this year so I'm pretty pumped about that! We're still in the planning process, deciding what days to bop from here to there. It's good to have a big fun trip to look forward to and plan. I'm already looking forward to Dragon Con in early September too. It should be a good year!

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

April 10, 2016

Outfit: Yellow Embroidered Shift Dress, Pink Tights, and Clogs

Sheer Embroidered Mustard Yellow Dress, Bright Pink Tights, and Clogs

Happy weekend to you! Here's yet another colorful outfit for you to look at. Something about pink and yellow just looks so fun and happy to me. I got this dress for Christmas and the wheels were instantly turning in my head, deciding what colors to pair it with. I wore black tights with it on its first time out (and didn't get pictures) but I went for something more exciting this time. These bright pink tights are a favorite of mine - and also are super comfy for whatever reason - so I threw them on along with some pink lipstick and my comfy Korks clogs.

Embroidered Long Sleeved Yellow Dress Detailing
Sheer and Embroidered Yellow H&M Dress
Yellow Long Sleeved Shift Dress with Pink Tights and Brown Clogs
Pink Kmart Tights with Brown Korks Clogs
Sheer Long Sleeved Yellow Embroidered Dress and Red Hair
Long Sleeved Mustard Yellow Shift Dress, Bright Pink Tights, and Brown Clogs
dress: h&m | tights: kmart | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

How has your weekend been so far? We're just hanging out around the apartment today, I think. I'm not ready for the work week to start! We spent yesterday in town and went to a little festival thing down the street, took Riker to the dog park, and watched the new episode of Outlander. All in all a good Saturday, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. 

Thanks for stopping by!

April 4, 2016

Work Outfit: Digital Floral Blouse, Brown Suede Skirt, Green Tights, and Clogs

Suede Pencil Skirt, Digital Floral Print Blouse, Forest Green Tights, and Brown Clogs

It's been way too long since I shared a work outfit with you guys. It just wasn't an option when the sun was setting so soon after getting home, but now that spring is here I'll have some more of these for you. This was a favorite outfit this past month - probably because of the mix of color, ruffles on the blouse, and the thrifted suede skirt I borrowed from my sister's closet back home. (She wasn't using it if it wasn't at school with her, after all.) Brown suede can be such a nice option for a chilly spring day and I loved how this skirt looked with my trusty brown clogs and the forest green tights. What do you think?

Digital Floral Print Top with Ruffles, Red Hair, and Gold Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses
Ruffled Floral Long Sleeved Blouse, Bright Red Hair, and a Brown Suede Pencil Skirt
Dark Green Tights and Brown Korks Clogs
Aviator Sunglasses and a Digital Floral Print Blouse with a Center Ruffle
Brown Suede Pencil Skirt, Dark Green Tights, Pink and Green Floral Shirt, and Clogs
skirt: thrifted | blouse, tights: forever 21 | clogs: korks - shoe carnival | sunglasses: delia's

How was your Monday? I spent my time after work hanging on the couch, eating pizza and watching makeup YouTubers. When Matt's away for work I get to watch whatever I want the entire evening so of course I caught up on makeup tutorials and product reviews for things I don't need. Riker passed out on the couch after a good solid hour and 15 minutes of playing at the dog park. Just me and the dog. On the couch. A pretty nice end to a Monday in my opinion, but I do miss Matt when he's gone overnight even if I can watch anything I want all night.

Have a great start to your week!

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