April 4, 2016

Work Outfit: Digital Floral Blouse, Brown Suede Skirt, Green Tights, and Clogs

Suede Pencil Skirt, Digital Floral Print Blouse, Forest Green Tights, and Brown Clogs

It's been way too long since I shared a work outfit with you guys. It just wasn't an option when the sun was setting so soon after getting home, but now that spring is here I'll have some more of these for you. This was a favorite outfit this past month - probably because of the mix of color, ruffles on the blouse, and the thrifted suede skirt I borrowed from my sister's closet back home. (She wasn't using it if it wasn't at school with her, after all.) Brown suede can be such a nice option for a chilly spring day and I loved how this skirt looked with my trusty brown clogs and the forest green tights. What do you think?

Digital Floral Print Top with Ruffles, Red Hair, and Gold Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses
Ruffled Floral Long Sleeved Blouse, Bright Red Hair, and a Brown Suede Pencil Skirt
Dark Green Tights and Brown Korks Clogs
Aviator Sunglasses and a Digital Floral Print Blouse with a Center Ruffle
Brown Suede Pencil Skirt, Dark Green Tights, Pink and Green Floral Shirt, and Clogs
skirt: thrifted | blouse, tights: forever 21 | clogs: korks - shoe carnival | sunglasses: delia's

How was your Monday? I spent my time after work hanging on the couch, eating pizza and watching makeup YouTubers. When Matt's away for work I get to watch whatever I want the entire evening so of course I caught up on makeup tutorials and product reviews for things I don't need. Riker passed out on the couch after a good solid hour and 15 minutes of playing at the dog park. Just me and the dog. On the couch. A pretty nice end to a Monday in my opinion, but I do miss Matt when he's gone overnight even if I can watch anything I want all night.

Have a great start to your week!


Jenny said...

Looks great! I love how the green tights pick-up the green bits in the blouse!

ModernVintageStyle said...

I love how you can look at this outfit in two ways - a top half with the close and skirt working beautifully and the bottom half with the skirt, tights and clogs, but then you look again and see how the whole ensemble comes together, maybe because of the green in the blouse too. You have chosen a perfect backdrop - but get any closer to the shrubs and you would have been camouflaged!! Kx

Ali Hval said...

Hanging out with your dog on the couch is one of life's many quaint pleasures. Heheh, I love what you did with this floral shirt adding simple blacks and browns to emphasize the print. So gorgeous!

Adele said...

As someone who has to wear a uniform to work, so jealous of you being able to express yourself at work with what you wear


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