June 26, 2016

Outfit: Mustard Yellow Top, Pleated Polka Dot Skirt, and Red Flats

Mustard Yellow Ruffle Sleeve Shirt Polka Dot Pleated Skirt Red Pointed Flats

It's finally the weekend and I'm excited to show you an outfit I've actually been rewearing pretty often the past couple of months. I'm a big fan of pairing primary colors together - maybe because they look good with my hair - so this has been one of my new favorite outfits. I picked the mustard yellow top up on clearance at target for about $12 and it's so perfect. This shade of yellow looks good with so many other colors and it'll work year round. I styled it with the navy blue polka dot skirt from a matching set and a pair of simple red pointed flats. This whole outfit is very me. Plenty of color, polka dots, lace, pointed flats...

Bright Red Hair Mustard Yellow Target Blouse Navy Polka Dot Skirt
Summer Outfit Yellow Blouse Navy Blue Dotted Skirt Red Flats
Yellow Top from Target Blue White Polka Dot Skirt
Lace Back Detailing on Yellow Blouse with Polka Dot Pleated Skirt
Petite Summer Outfit Yellow Flutter Sleeve Blouse Polka Dot Skirt
Flutter Sleeve Mustard Top Blue Forever 21 Polka Dot Skirt Red Pointed Flats
top: target | skirt, flats: forever 21

I apologize for the short break in posting. Life has been ridiculous. If you follow me on Snapchat (via JahmieRose) you may have seen the fiasco that has been my life this past week. Here's my story of woe if you're at all interested.  If not, feel free to move along: 

SO. Matt and I put a deposit on a townhome to move into once our lease was up. It was a great deal, great location and almost double the space we had in our apartment. So we planned everything for the move, including renters insurance, getting movers, putting the utilities in our name, etc. etc. We repeatedly stressed to the owners that the place needed the carpets cleaned and paint touch ups and some other repairs before we moved in since we have some large furniture. So the idiot owners, who live out of town, show up to the place the day before we're supposed to move in instead of planning ahead. They found some water damage on the ceiling upstairs and some other repair issues and texted us saying there was damage and we won't be able to move in the next day. We had an appointment to meet them at the place and have them sign their portion of the least about an hour after we got that text, so we showed up when requested. (Which had been pushed back farther and farther. First a week, then a day, then a couple hours later.) 

When we got to the place, the owners weren't even there at the time they said. When they finally arrived, lo and behold, none of the carpets were cleaned, no wall paint was touched up, nothing. They said they found unreported damage and we couldn't move in with the condition it was in. (Hello, idiot owners. Maybe you should have somebody checking in on your property. And maybe you should be preparing your rental property for new renters - which means you would have seen the damage - instead of taking a vacation the week before move-in.) The people kept going on and on about how much money fixing everything was going to cost them - without any real sympathy for the extra money we were going to have to spend because of their assholery. Then they dropped another bomb: It turns out they had a prospective buyer a few weeks back - didn't mention anything to us - and they backed out but returned to look again that exact same day we were supposed to finalize the lease. So the owners basically strung us along for a month and half, knowing they would prefer to sell the place instead of rent it, using us as backup if nobody bought it. The only way we could move in is if the prospective buyers said no - a couple days after we had set up to move - and then we would have to have construction happening while we were living there. So no. We left the place incredibly angry and feeling completely screwed over. 

Our current lease was up only a couple days after we were supposed to move into the townhome so we didn't have time to find a new place we'd be comfortable signing a year lease for. The Atlanta rental market is crazy right now. So I had to put most of my crap in storage and move back to my parents' place in the suburbs where I'll now have to spend 2.5 hours each day commuting to work until we find a good place in the city. We'll have to pay movers twice now, which will cost an extra $600ish. These people screwed us big time.

On top of that, the movers we hired showed up 4 hours late, pushing the move so late that we had to extend our lease an extra day. It has been one hell of a week and I can't even express how glad I am that it's over. I'm lucky I can crash at my parents' while we restart our apartment hunt though. It's like I'm home for the summer like I'm in college again! But I have a dog now. And a full time job to commute to in Atlanta traffic. 

So that was my story of woe. Have you ever been screwed over by landlords or potential landlords? Let's share stories!

Have a happy start to your week!

June 12, 2016

Outfit: Green Flutter Sleeve Palm Tree Print Dress and Black Wedges

Wolf and Whistle Palm Print Chiffon Dress Black Wedges Bright Red Hair

This Wolf & Whistle abstract palm tree print dress has become a new favorite because of the perfect fit and fantastic flutter sleeves. I picked it up at Modcloth on sale a little while back and had worn it previously on a very cold trip to Terrapin Brewery where it was covered by a wool coat the entire time. For its blog debut, I styled it on a hot day with some black wedges, my Cameoko gold hexagon necklace, and a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses. I wore this for my sister's grad school graduation and it was quite toasty outside walking around taking graduation pictures (and these) so please overlook any splotchy hot weather skin going on.

Flutter Sleeve V-Neck Digital Palm Print Dress
Green Leaf Print Dress and Cameoko Hexagon Necklace
Floaty Sleeve Green Blue Leaf Print Dress Black Wayfarers
Gold Leaf Resin Hexagon Cameoko Necklace
V-Neck Bolster Your Boldness Palm Print Dress Black Satchel Bag
Modcloth Bolster Your Boldness Green Palm Tree Dress Black Wayfarer Sunglasses Peeptoe Wedges
dress: wolf & whistle - modcloth | wedges: y not? - shoe carnival | necklace: c/o cameoko | sunglasses: boohoo | purse: madden girl - ross

Black Boohoo Wayfarer Sunglasses Digital Palm Print Dress

How has your weekend been? I hope safe! The news of yet another mass shooting put a damper on this weekend. Plus we're currently packing our apartment to move to another place next week, which isn't so bad in the big scheme of things. I'm hoping next month will be a much better one, but we're trying to make the best of this busy time. I'm watching the Tony Awards right now (which is my favorite award show of the year) and relaxing amongst boxes and a sleepy puppy. Soon we'll eat a late dinner, I'll fold more laundry, and read some more of Dragonfly in Amber so I can stay ahead of the Outlander episodes. I live a life of excitement.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! Stay in touch on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (via jahmierose).

June 6, 2016

Outfit: White Sleeveless Shirt Dress, Gold Belt, & Snakeskin Flats

White Shirt Dress from Tobi Snakeskin Peeptoe Shoes Black Satchel Bag Stretchy Gold Belt

Happy Monday everyone! This summery white cotton dress is the last piece online retailer Tobi sent me to style. It's a fantastic staple to have in my closet and I've already worn it a couple different ways. I do wish it was a little less easy to wrinkle but I guess that's what you get with cotton. The size I ordered (M) was just slightly too big for me too, so I had to watch my side bra area wasn't hanging out, (but it was remedied with a different bra on another wear.) Other than that, the dress has pockets and is lined to prevent any white cotton transparency issues! They even have it in black if you prefer that, but I think I have plenty of black dresses already.

For this dress' first day out, I styled it with a stretchy gold belt that looks like gold coins. I thrifted the belt last year because I thought it was so neat and didn't wear it until yesterday! Do you ever do that? Sometimes you just have to buy things when you're thrifting even if you're not 100% sure how to style them! Anyway, I added a pair of neutral snakeskin peeptoe flats from Ross and my bag is just the one I've been using most lately since we took these pictures on the way to dinner.

What do you think? Do you have a little white dress and does it get as much wear as your little black dress?

Button Down Cotton Dress and Gold Coin Belt
Shiny Gold Coin Stretchy Waist Belt
White Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress Shiny Gold Belt Bright Red Hair
Bright Red Hair with Bangs
White Sleeveless Shirt Dress with Thrifted Gold Coin Belt
Snakeskin Peeptoes, White Cotton Shirt Dress, Golden Coin Belt
kate boss flare dress: c/o tobi | bag: madden girl - ross | flats: chinese laundry - ross | belt: thrifted

Did you have a good weekend? Matt and I did plenty of lounging around since we'll be moving apartments this month and needed some down time before then. I went thrifting with my mom and sister too and picked up some fantastic dresses. Jeanie spotted a dress with double helix print and we found out it was from a line of Orphan Black dresses Hot Topic had a little while back. It was my size so you'll be seeing it on the blog soon! (You may have seen a sneak peek if you follow me on Snapchat via JahmieRose.) I also found a handmade blue lace 50s style dress that's super pretty. It's almost bordering on too fancy to wear to work but I probably will anyway. 

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!

June 2, 2016

Outfit: Hot Pink Laser Cut Crop Top, White Skinny Jeans, and Floral Wedges

Hot pink crop top with square laser cut sleeves white skinny jeans outfit

I don't think you can go wrong with a good crop top and high waisted jeans combination when it's warm outside, although it may have been a bit toasty for jeans when I wore this. I picked up these bright white skinny jeans from Boohoo recently. They're labeled as mid rise, but they're most definitely high rise on my body and on the picture online. If you're going to pick up a pair, I might recommend sizing down because they're extra stretchy which means they're extra comfy but might fall down a little without a belt.

Anyway, when Tobi sent me this hot pink crop top I knew it would pair perfectly with my new white jeans. Hot pink and white is just a winning color combination! Very Legally Blonde - except I have red hair. I don't own nearly enough pink clothing so I was super pumped to get this top with its fantastic laser cutout sleeves. It's a perfect cropped length on me and a sturdy material with a zip down the back. Bonus: It's on clearance right now and first time Tobi purchasers get 50% off their first order.

I accessorized my pink and white outfit with a vintage beaded necklace passed down to me in the epic amount of costume jewelry from Great Grandma. I've hardly worn this one before now, but I thought the light pink and purple colors looked great with the hot pink shirt. Finally, I added some nice and tall floral print wedge sandals that I've had for many years. 

square laser cut sleeved shirt from tobi vintage pink purple beaded necklace
Bright Pink Boxy Crop Top with Square Cutout Sleeves White Skinnies
Tobi Fair and Square Top back view
High Waisted White Skinny Jeans Floral Print Heels Pink Boxy Crop Top
White Denim with Floral Print Wedge Sandals
Bright Pink Cropped Tobi Shirt White Skinny Boohoo Denim Floral Peeptoe Wedges
fair and square top - c/o tobi | white jeans - boohoo | wedges - ross | necklace - vintage

So what do you think? I know I don't always show my jeans outfits on the blog but sometimes they're fun - like this one! It's nice to style jeans in new and non-boring ways once in a while and I definitely think white denim is a great way to switch up the normal jeans and a t-shirt routine. They can look girly like this outfit or cool and edgy. I can't wait to do a remix with these later this year!

I hope you're having an extra nice week so far! Happy Thursday!

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