July 30, 2016

Outfit: Cat Print Tank Top and a Leopard Print Skater Skirt

Ruffled Cat Print Tank Top Leopard Print Skater Skirt Bronze Fisherman Sandals

I don't wear mixed prints as much as I used to so I was pretty excited when I paired these pieces together the other day. Something about the almost geometric cat print paired with the neutral leopard print worked very well. I was also a fan of all the neutrals and bronzey goodness going on in this look. Very summery! Plus my lipstick pretty much matched the color of my sandals. (BTW it's Zebra Ultra Metallic Lip by Colourpop and is still in stock as this is being published.)

It can be hard to mix up your outfits when it's hot outside so trying out different print combinations is a good way to get different looks out of your summer pieces. Plus makeup. You can always just try out a bold lip color or some ultra colorful eye shadow to change things up too. I know lighter makeup is often the thing for summer, but wearing lipstick is much lighter than wearing an extra clothing layer, after all. What do you do to change things up when it's scorching outside?

Bright Red Hair Bronze Lipstick White Cat Print Top
Summer Look Racerback Tank Top Forever 21 Leopard Print Skater Skirt
Ruffled Cat Print Shirt from Modcloth
Mixed Print Outfit Cheetah Flippy Skirt and White Cat Pattern Top
Summery Mixed Print Outfit
Double Print Outfit Cat Faces and Leopard
Mixing Patterns Cat Face Print Leopard Skater Skirt Bronze Heels
top: modcloth hand-me-down | skirt: forever 21 | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

So how has your weekend been going? I already bought more lipstick I don't need and watched half of the new season of Degrassi on Netflix. They brought back old characters for a reunion episode and it was wonderful because those were the characters that were my age. We're also starting to watch Stranger Things and so far so good. It's nice to catch up on TV and actually relax a little. But tell me about your weekend. Anything fun going on?

1 comment:

Curls n Cakes said...

Love the feline theme of this outfit! Very meow!
I love the top, super cute! And I agree, it is hard to wear nice things when it gets too hot! You can't even be bothered! haha
I also like lipstick for summer!
Oh exciting thing this weekend was of course HP and the Cursed Child!!!
Hope you're having a great week.
Much love,

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