August 28, 2016

Outfit: Fox Print Top with a Khaki Green Lace Skater Skirt

Fox Print Ruffle Sleeve Top Lace Khaki Green Skater Skirt Black Chunky Fisherman Sandal Heels

Sometimes I buy clothes at Walmart and I'm not even ashamed. The other day I was over there looking for pieces for a Dragon Con costume and came across a bunch of lace skater skirts. I'm a fan of khaki green as a neutral-that-isn't-neutral so I just had to buy this skirt. Plus it was like $8 and an appropriate-enough length to wear to work. Win. So for its debut I paired it with my cute fox print shirt from Boohoo, which is one of my favorites because it seems to look good with everything. I enjoyed the mix of muted green with orange which you don't often see. 

This is the kind of outfit I wear when I want to pretend fall is around the corner even though it most definitely is not here in Georgia. Khaki green just feels like fall to me! I know it's still August, but I'm ready for it to not be 90+ degrees outside. 

Fox Print Shirt and Lace Green Skirt Detailing
Black and Orange Fox Print Shirt Army Green Skater Skirt
Black Lab Mix
Lace Muted Green Skater Skirt Korks Chunky Fisherman Sandal Clogs
Ruffle Sleeve Boohoo Fox Print Shirt with a Lace Muted Green Skater Skirt
top: boohoo | skirt: walmart | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | earrings: thrifted

So are you having a good weekend? I've been relaxing a bit, went to the eye doctor, watched some movies, and read my Spider-Gwen comic. So it's been good, but I'm not ready for the weekend to be over. At least Dragon Con is coming up and I have Friday off to have an extra wonderful nerdy day at Dragon Con. I'm pumped! Be on the lookout for my costumes and check out my Instagram story Thursday - Monday for geeky goodness.

August 23, 2016

Outfit: Teal Graphic Tee, Polka Dot Pleated Skirt, and Silver Platforms

90s Style Silver Platform Heels, Polka Dot Skirt, Teal T-shirt

If you've been around here a while you know I enjoy styling my graphic t-shirts and giving them life outside of the usual jeans + t-shirt routine. A particular favorite combination is a short skirt and a t-shirt. This time I styled my teal The Good Life shirt with a full polka dot pleated skirt. I wore this on the weekend and really wanted to  wear something that would match with my new Colourpop eye shadow in Mermaid Kiss which is a bright lime green shade, so I figured blue tones would work. Then I added my extra tall silver platforms from Forever 21 because why not? 

I've been experimenting with different makeup looks lately, especially during the weekends. A lot of my clothes are in storage since the whole townhouse falling through debacle, but I have most of my makeup with me still. It gives me an opportunity to still be creative with my looks even if I have to rewear outfits a bunch of times. Since Instagram started their stories I've been trying to share more makeup stuff on there, so feel free to stop by for extra content

Bright Red Hair Blue-Green T-shirt Polka Dot Skirt
The Good Life Teal Graphic T-shirt
Concert Graphic Tee Pleated Blue Polka Dot Skirt Silver Peeptoe Platforms
t-shirt: the good life concert | skirt, shoes - forever 21

Full Blue and White Dotted Skirt with Green-Blue T-shirt and Silver Tall Shoes
Bright Red Hair, Teal Band Tee, Navy Blue Dotty Skirt

So how is your week going so far? I'm honestly just trying to get through life until Dragon Con and then until my trip to Europe in October so things are just putting along. It'll be here soon though, I hope! My commute to and from work is ridiculous these days. I spent 3 hours in the car today, so that sucks. At least I have audiobooks from the library!

In other news, Riker's "Gotcha Day" was yesterday. We've officially had him a whole year now. He can still be a handful but he's much better behaved now and knows a bunch of tricks. He's such a weird dog too. We love him.

But that's all that's going on in my life. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

August 18, 2016

Work Outfit: Dark Blue Lace Dress with White Strappy Sandals

Low Back Navy Blue Lace Dress Chunky Heeled White Black Sandals

Happy Thursday to you! Here's another summery work outfit for you to feast your eyes upon (or something like that.) I picked up this navy blue lace dress from Goodwill on the same trip that I found the little polka dot romper I featured on here a few weeks back. It was hidden way back in the overstuffed racks between some unsightly dresses, but that's the beauty of thrifting. I sift through everything because you never know what you'll spot! This dress is likely from Modcloth too. I can't remember the exact brand because I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look at the tag, but it was definitely the same as a dress I have from Modcloth. So that's a thrifting win!

I really like the low V-back and the pretty navy blue shade of this dress. Plus it fit me so comfortably. For its debut I wore it to work with a pair of white strappy sandals with chunky heels and a couple new bronze leaf hair clips. The hair clips are surprisingly difficult to pull out of my hair though. The little pointy leaves get caught in my hair. So they may be cute, but they're painful.

Navy Blue Lace Sleeveless Dress Bright Red Hair
Dark Blue Lace Dress with Forever 21 White Modern Sandals
Work Outfit Wearing Dark Blue Lace Fit Flare Dress White Heels
Bronze Leaf Hair Pins in Bright Red Hair
Navy Blue Lace Detailing
Work Style: Thrifted Deep Blue Lace Dress with White Chunky Heeled Sandals
dress: thrifted | shoes, hair clips: forever 21

So have you had a good week so far? I can't believe tomorrow's already Friday but I'm pretty pumped about it. I plan on gathering even more stuff for my Dragon Con costumes since it's just two weeks away now. (Yay!) So be ready to see some costume posts again this year! Plus Instagram stories and probably Snapchats too. I'm excited! Any guesses on this year's costumes? I think we came up with some pretty original ones.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

August 12, 2016

Favorite Summer 2016 Products

Petite Panoply Favorite Summer 2016 Beauty and Skincare Products

Now that we're getting toward mid-August, I thought I'd share some of my favorite products of this past summer. These all happen to be beauty/skincare related but this type of post can be expanded to other categories in future seasons! Read on to see what I've been loving the past few months.

Product Shot of Malibu Heat Bath and Body Works Lotion and Body Wash
Bath & Body Works Malibu Heat shower gel and ultra shea body cream - $12.50 / $13 (I got them on sale) - This scent has been my go-to this summer. It's fruitier than most of the other Bath & Body Works smells I own, but I've been enjoying the pineapple-y, sweet, coconut, ocean scent. It almost has a hint of bubblegum in there too. It's definitely a summery smell and will need to be put away for another summer once I can convince myself fall is sort-of on the horizon. The packaging is super pretty too!

August 7, 2016

Work Outfit: Blue Floral Curved Hem Shift Dress with Nude Peeptoe Heels

Work Style Royal Blue Curved Hem Floral Dress Layered Necklace Nude Shoes

This vibrant blue floral shift dress is a new purchase from Boohoo that I picked up during a 50% off sale. When it got here I was worried it was way too loose but it ended up looking great once styled. Plus a loose fit is a comfy change from my usual fit and flare silhouette. Sometimes it's nice to change things up and try new shapes! The more I look at the pictures of this outfit, the more I want to wear it immediately again. 

How should I style this dress next time? I'm sure it could be belted but the loose shift style is something I'm feeling lately. Maybe black tights and boots when it cools down?

Blue White Peach Floral Dress Bronze Layered Necklace
Curved Hem Shift Dress Nude Peeptoe Heels
Loose Shift Dress from Boohoo for Work
Bronze Layered Necklace from Forever 21 with Floral Print
Bright Red Hair with Bangs and a Blue Floral Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Shift Dress Tan Heels Gold Layered Necklace
dress: boohoo | shoes: x-appeal - rack room shoes | necklace: forever 21

How has your weekend been? We're hanging out watching the Olympics right now and spent a good portion of today working on planning costumes for Dragon Con. Yesterday was my sister's birthday so we went to a brewery and had a delicious dinner afterward. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some "Instagram Stories" from the brewery. 

I'm really enjoying the Instagram stories even though it's pretty much just like Snapchat. For me, the network value is already there to encourage me to use it, whereas I don't have a whole lot of Snapchat followers. (If you do want to follow me there, my username is JahmieRose.) It's been neat seeing behind-the-scenes looks at the lives of people I've followed on Instagram forever too. And hearing your voices! It's fun. What do you think of it and let me know what you want to see on mine.

Have a happy start to your week!

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