August 12, 2016

Favorite Summer 2016 Products

Petite Panoply Favorite Summer 2016 Beauty and Skincare Products

Now that we're getting toward mid-August, I thought I'd share some of my favorite products of this past summer. These all happen to be beauty/skincare related but this type of post can be expanded to other categories in future seasons! Read on to see what I've been loving the past few months.

Product Shot of Malibu Heat Bath and Body Works Lotion and Body Wash
Bath & Body Works Malibu Heat shower gel and ultra shea body cream - $12.50 / $13 (I got them on sale) - This scent has been my go-to this summer. It's fruitier than most of the other Bath & Body Works smells I own, but I've been enjoying the pineapple-y, sweet, coconut, ocean scent. It almost has a hint of bubblegum in there too. It's definitely a summery smell and will need to be put away for another summer once I can convince myself fall is sort-of on the horizon. The packaging is super pretty too!

Colourpop Cream Powder Eyeshadow in Wattles Spring 2016 Collection
Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Wattles - $5 - I've been on such a Colourpop kick lately, it's becoming ridiculous. I picked up this shadow from their spring 2016 collection because it looked like a perfect "one and done" shadow for a quick makeup look. I was so right. It's such a unique color and way prettier than it looks in the pan. (See a couple pics below for a swatchy swatch.) It's an almost indescribable peachy tan with fine silver sparkle. It looks great with pretty much any other color. 

The Colourpop shadows are amazing too because they have almost no fallout, which means no powder getting in my sensitive eyes, and the unique cream-powder formula is intensely pigmented and easy to apply. This shade probably won't be around forever since it's part of a season collection and that makes me sad.

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Zebra Bronze Brown
Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Zebra - $6 - You guys. I have a Colourpop problem. When they released these metallic lip colors I had to have them and finally snatched the original four on their third restock. The Zebra shade has become my favorite, and believe me, I didn't see myself getting into metallic lipstick but it's awesome and I have no shame. (I apologize for the lack of Colourpop logo on the tube - it rubbed off in my bag - one issue with the packaging.) 

Anyway, this was the darkest of their original shades and I had no expectation that I would love this dark bronze brown so much. It almost has a slight burgundy feel to it too. It just looks so cool with my red hair. The pigmentation is also amazing, as you can see in the swatch below which was one swipe. One. Swipe. And it lasts. It dries down to a finish similar to their Ultra Satin Lips and I've had good luck with it looking good through a meal. Lipstick win.

Swatch of Colourpop Zebra Lipstick and Wattles Eye Shadow on Light Skin
swatch of colourpop ultra metallic lip in zebra (left) and super shock shadow in wattles (right)

Product Shot of Colourpop Dream Catcher Cheek Highlighter
Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Dream Catcher - $8 - I have so many Colourpop highlighters but somehow I needed this one too. They're some of my favorite because the creamy texture applies easily and they actually stay on all day. Dream Catcher is gorgeous! It's different from any other highlighter shade I have. It's a peachy-pink-gold dream. I don't even know how to describe it properly but the pink tones in it make it really special and I bet it would look great on so many skin tones.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel and Black Snail All in One Creme Packaging
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream and Black Snail All in One Cream - $12.97 / $7.49 on Amazon - Now on to some skincare! I've actually been using these since early this year when I was on a Korean skincare kick. I guess that kick has remained since it's so easy to try a bunch of new products on Amazon with Prime shipping. 

The Snail Recovery Gel was the first one I purchased and I admit to being a little wary about putting snail mucus on my face, but hey! It doesn't smell in the slightest so you can't even tell. Both of these products are meant to be put on before a true moisturizer, though I sometimes skip a moisturizer after these (oops.) The Recovery Gel has definitely shortened the length of time I have dark pigmentation after having a zit, which is awesome. This same tube has lasted me since February, using it almost every day so it's a great value too. The Black Snail All in One Cream is supposed to be good for wrinkle prevention, tightening up pores, and evening out skin tone. I can tell you my skin has been much better behaved since I started using these snail products. I even have other products from their snail line in my Amazon cart just waiting to be bought...

I hope you have a chance to try out some of these if you haven't, and if you have, what did you think? 
Have a fantastic weekend!


Curls n Cakes said...

Woah! The snail products have me seriously intrigued!
Other than that I really love the highlighter, sooo pretty!!!
I wish we had some of these products over here. Anyway, it was great fun to read! ;)
Hope you're having a great week.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

I want to try the snail gel - seems SO interesting!


Jayne Lim said...

Oooh Mizon is so well known for their snail products! I have tried a few snail products in the past and they are actually really soothing for redness and inflammation!

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