September 26, 2016

Outfit: Striped Khaki Green Shift Dress with Lace Up Flats

Striped Khaki Green Shift Dress Black Pointed Lace Up Flats

Here it is! The blonde hair is officially on the blog for all of you non-Instagram followers to see. It may be a shock for some of you but it's been on my head for a couple of weeks now and I'm loving the change. My hair had been red for 11 years so it was good to do something different for a change.

For my blonde debut on the blog I styled what may be my new favorite dress with a new pair of lace up flats from a Modcloth sale. I honestly wish this dress came in a bunch of colors because it's the perfect loose but not too loose fit on me. Forever 21 advertised it as a bodycon dress but it very much is not that. It's fantastically comfy and I'll definitely be bringing it with me to Europe to wear with tights and black boots. (As for now, I'm still donning bare legs because it's like walking on the sun in Georgia still.)

Khaki Green Black Striped Dress Spiked Silver Necklace
Black Pointed Lace Up Flats from Modcloth
Army Green Striped Shift Dress Back View with Black Flats
Silver Spiked Necklace with a Striped Green Dress
New Blonde Hair with a Comfy Loose Striped Shift Dress and Lace Up Flats
dress: forever 21 | shoes: modcloth | necklace: sheinside

I hope you've been having a good week and had a happy Monday. I'm just prepping for our big trip and getting pumped for lots of fun, tasty food, and exploring. We're both so excited! I'll miss our dog baby while we're gone but he'll be in good hands with my family, lounging on the couch and getting lots of treats. If you have any good tips for Berlin or Prague, I welcome them. We'll have 3 full days in each city. We'll also visit Bruges and Edinburgh but I've been to both of those cities and feel pretty comfortable navigating them and finding the places we need to go. I'll also be celebrating my birthday in Edinburgh so that's pretty exciting! 

I apologize if you don't hear from me for a while because I'll be traveling, but I'll try my best to post again before we head out this weekend. You can follow along on my adventures via Instagram @JahmieRose

Happy Monday!

September 17, 2016

Outfit: Futurama Cat Pin, Dotted Crop Top, Colorful Skater Skirt, and Black Sneakers

Blue Skater Skirt Black Dotted Crop Top Purple Socks Black Classic Gym Shoes

I must be on a colorful skater skirt kick lately, so I apologize, but here's another outfit featuring one I've had for quite a while but don't wear nearly enough. In my previous outfit post I styled a colorful skater skirt for work, so here's an outfit I definitely wouldn't wear to work featuring a short skirt and crop top combination. It's perfect for these hot days we're still having in Georgia.

The true star of this outfit is my awesome cat Leela pin from Danielle V Green Illustrations. She has a whole Halloween cat line with cats dressed as various characters. I love them so much. I bought two others that you'll see here at some point too - cat Ariel and cat Scully. I keep wearing them to work. I don't even care if people start thinking I'm weird. I like my cat pins to be dressed as my favorite pop culture characters! 

Anyway, I played off the Leela pin and wore some purple socks (to match her hair.) I also enjoyed the combination of the blue from my skirt and the bright purple socks. The black sneakers here are a rarely worn pair from the kids' section of Target.

Cat Leela Brooch from Illustrations by Danielle V Green
Black Polka Dot Tank Top with Cat Leela Pin and Blue Flippy Skirt
Polka Dot Sleeveless Crop Top Blue Simple Skater Skirt Purple Socks Black Sneakeres
top, skirt: forever 21 | socks: kmart | shoes: target | pin: danielle v green etsy

In other news, happy weekend to you! It's officially two weeks until Matt and I travel to Berlin, Bruges, Prague, and Edinburgh. I know some of you were wondering so that's our itinerary! There'll definitely be pictures shared here afterward and a whole crapload on Instagram and Instagram stories. But that's two weeks from now. Now we're just prepping for vacation and hanging with Riker. It's not even 11 p.m. and I'm ready for bed too. On a Saturday. I'm the height of cool.

How's your weekend going? Doing anything fun? I'm thinking about going to the county fair tomorrow and suitcase shopping. Are you up to anything more exciting than that? Because it's probably likely to be more exciting.

Anyway, have a great rest of your weekend and feel free to follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat (@jahmierose) for more content!

September 11, 2016

Work Outfit: Purple Skater Skirt and Leopard Print Flats

Purple skater skirt black lace cutout top leopard print pointed flats

Long time no blog! I didn't realize it had been so long but life has been busy, including my weekends with Dragon Con last week and working on a new hairdo this weekend - more on that later. So it's definitely time to show you a new outfit and what better than to show you some new shoes? 

These leopard print flats are from Target and you may still be able to find them. They also come in black. I love that they zip up the back so I don't have to fasten three buckles and so far they're really comfy. Definitely contenders in my "what shoes do I bring to Europe?" quandary. They go with pretty much everything too. This time I paired them with a new purple skater skirt from Boohoo. I enjoy wearing all colors, but don't have nearly enough purple in my wardrobe so I thought it was a good addition. Plus it's long enough to be work appropriate. The black top is very old from Forever 21. Like early college old. I still like it.

Purple Skirt Target Leopard Print Pointed Toe Flats
Boohoo Dark Purple Flippy Skirt Black Top with Lace Detailing Bright Red Hair
Purple Flared Skirt Black Top with Lace V-neck Pointed Leopard Multi-Buckle Flats
top: forever 21 | skirt: boohoo | shoes: target

So how have you all been? Again, sorry for my absence here but I have been on Instagram plenty lately if you want to see pictures from the past couple weeks. Dragon Con pictures are still being added (I'll get some on here so you can see my costumes soon) and you can see my new hair on there too! Check it out and let me know what you think! I may still go lighter and possibly add some other color in there (pink? purple?) but Mom did an amazing job pulling the super stubborn red out of my hair. I'll go back to my standard bright red someday (I do love it) but I wanted to try something new for a little while since I've had red hair for 10 years. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week ahead of you! 

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