October 24, 2016

Outfit: Green Corduroy Skirt, Mock Turtleneck, and Gray Leopard Print Heels

Fall Outfit - Green Corduroy A-Line Skirt Gray Mock Turtleneck Leopard Heels

Hey! It's me again. I still exist. This is the longest I've gone without blogging since I started this blog in 2011, but I'm going to give myself an excuse since I was out of the country for more than two weeks. It's been very hard for me to find time to blog after work with my commute too and unfortunately that probably won't change for a bit longer. I'm back to share a warm weather fall outfit with you though!

Before heading off to Europe, I decided to treat it like back to school wardrobe shopping and pick up a few new things that would be easily remixable. I found this dark green corduroy skirt and gray mock turtleneck top at H&M and wore them each multiple times throughout the trip. They're just good basic pieces to have in general. This is a look I put together the week before I left which included some fun accessories to spice it up - my gray leopard print heels and a Cat Scully pin by Danielle V Green

Danielle V Green Cat Scully Brooch
HM Mock Turtleneck and Dark Green Pocket Front Skirt
Dark Green Corduroy Skirt Gray Mock Neck Shirt Leopard Mary Jane Heels
top, skirt: h&m | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | earrings: target | cat pin: danielle v green

Dark Green Corduroy HM Button Through Skirt
Gray Short Sleeved Turtleneck Green A-Line Skirt Novelty Pin

So I definitely have more to share with you since I've been away. Some of you have been following along on Instagram so you know that Matt and I got engaged on our trip. (Yay!) I want to show you pictures from my trip too! More to come on that - promise.

Halloween is coming up soon too so I'm pretty pumped about that. It's my favorite holiday, after all. I haven't decided on my costume but it's sure to be one of my Dragon Con costumes which I plan on sharing with you this week too! Let's get this blog back on track!

Have a happy start to your week!


aprileveryday said...

Ooh I love that skirt (and obviously the cat pin). I can't wait to see photos from your trip - it looked amazing!
And congratulations to you both!
xo April | April Everyday

ModernVintageStyle said...

Congratulations on your engagement! I'm looking forward the photos. I love this skirt - the colour, the fabric, everything! Kx

Karolina said...

So in love with this skirt - this shade of green is my favorite!
also congratulations on your engagement, I've seen the photo on your Instagram - the location was incredible <3

Frannie Pantz said...

I've loved following your trip--but I must have missed a vital photo (comment above!)! Congrats!!!!

I love this skirt--too cute!

Sweet Tea Salvage said...

Welcome back! I had fun following along on your trip through Insta and Snapchat - all of the places you visited looked beautiful. Can't wait to see more pics! Also, congrats on the engagement!


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