November 26, 2016

Outfit: Lace Up Top, Skater Skirt, Patterned Tights, and Novelty Pins

Patterned Tights Maroon Skater Skirt Lace Up Shirt Novelty Pins

Happy Saturday to you! For this post-Thanksgiving weekend, here's an outfit that really represents my fall style this year before we head into Christmas-y holiday times. Something trendy, something trusty, cool tights, and novelty pins. 

I found these tights from last year in a drawer (I'd forgotten they exist) and love them. They're the kind I'm scared to wear too often because I don't want them to get ruined. The top is new from H&M, the skirt is old from H&M, and my awesome novelty pins were a birthday present from my sister. Barb from Stranger Things and FBI badge Simpsons Mulder are the perfect touches for any outfit!

Stranger Things and The Simpsons Novelty Pins from Punky Pins
Black Lace Up Forever 21 Shirt with Novelty Pins and a Maroon Skirt
Side Patterned Black Tights Flippy Skirt Wedge Bootsd Lace Up V-neck Shirt
top, skirt: h&m | tights: forever 21? | boots: target | pins: punky pins

In non-outfit-related news, wedding planning is chugging along even though it's a year away. We spent Black Friday wedding dress shopping and I ended up buying the second dress I tried on - after trying a few more after it! I'm excited to wear it! Everything's getting real.

I have a four-day weekend for the holiday so I've mostly been spending it online shopping, playing with the dog, and nursing a cold. Nothing exciting outside of wedding dress shopping but that's enough excitement to make up for a whole month's excitement, I think. How has your weekend been? And have you picked up anything good with all the sales going on?

Have a happy rest of your weekend!


Ali Hval said...

It's always grand when you find things in a drawer, shoved back in the farthest corner, and rediscover them and their amazingness. Yay, new finds! I absolutely love those, especially with that fancy top of yours!

Andy Thomson said... Coupons

ModernVintageStyle said...

A really lovely outfit, and I can see why you love these tights - they are different and perfect with this look! Kx

Love Glasses said...

So damn pretty!

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