November 6, 2016

Outfit: Wide Legged Jeans with a Striped Top and Little Mermaid Funko Pop Necklace

Wide Legged Target Jeans Navy Blue Tee Funko Pop Little Mermaid Necklace

Being under 5 feet tall can make finding certain clothes nearly impossible. Take bell bottom jeans for example. People say, "Oh you can hem them!" Wrong. Once hemmed, the flared awesomeness - the part that makes them "bell," disappears. This means we vertically challenged have to find jeans actually made for our non-Amazonian legs. This is a challenge.

Since I've been seeing more bell bottoms and wide-legged jeans online, I didn't hesitate to try on the pair I noticed at Target a couple months ago. They were marked with an "R" for regular length which is a glorious mark in my mind because that usually means that an "S" for short exists somewhere in the universe. Luckily I was right as I tried on the regular length and they were much, much too long for me. I immediately went online, found the short version (they're still online!), and ordered them. Here they are in their wide-legged splendor!

I've actually been wearing these jeans to work a lot paired with various blouses or t-shirts and cardigans. The dark wash makes them pretty versatile. Here's a very casual styling of them. with an old striped shirt (that I probably should get rid of by now since it's a little faded) and my super awesome Little Mermaid Funko Pop necklace that I got at this year's Dragon Con.

Little Mermaid Funko Pop Necklace
Wide Legged Dark Wash Jeans and Striped Blue T-shirt
jeans: | top: forever 21 | wedges: ynot? - shoe carnival | necklace: dragon con vendor | ring: vintage hand-me-down

So what do you think? Have you gotten on board with any styles of jeans outside the usual skinny jeans? I wear both still and enjoy that so many styles are "in style" at the same time. 

And how has your week been? I spent way too much at the Sephora 20% off sale and picked up some cool dresses at Ross that I'll show you soon. I'm just getting super excited for Thanksgiving and a couple days off to lounge around the house, eat food and watch TV - particularly the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. What are your plans for the next couple weeks? I'd love to hear about them!

Have a fantastic rest of your Sunday!

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