January 24, 2017

2016 Outfits Recap: Favorites from July through December

It's time to finish up my 2016 outfit recap with some of my favorite from the last half of last year! Looking at these, I realize I was wearing a crap load of skater skirts, and for the repetition, I apologize. My wardrobe is largely in storage and the separates are a way to keep from wearing the same thing over and over, which is why you saw fewer dresses toward the end of last year. You'll also see my transition from bright red hair to light blonde in these photos. As always, click the numbers underneath the pictures to see the full post!

Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen

The first half of 2016 was much better - on the whole - than the second half. Especially with regard to the blog. I apologize if I've bored you a little with my slow-down in posts and similar silhouettes, but that's what I've been wearing lately and my free time is at an all-time low. If you read my first half of 2016 recap post, you read about the whole apartment debacle so that really changed the last half of the year for us. I now commute 3+ hours a day because Atlanta traffic is awful and we haven't found a decently-priced apartment with the things we need that's not in a rough area. They get snatched up quickly.

The best part of last year was definitely our trip to Europe though! We were gone half of October and during my birthday. We got engaged over there in Edinburgh too, which was the most exciting thing to happen in the year, of course. I'm so excited to get married to Matt this year!

So the moral of this story is 2017 better be incredible compared to last year. I'm sure life will get much better when I'm not spending 3+ hours a day of my non-working, non-sleeping time in a car and Matt and I have a place of our own again. And when the wedding vendors are all picked out... There's just a lot going on. I'm looking forward to things being good again.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great start to your week! Happy Tuesday!

January 22, 2017

2016 Outfits Recap: Favorites from January through June

Happy Sunday to you and welcome to part one of my 2016 outfit recap! I enjoy doing these recap posts each year because I get to look back on what I wore and see how things have changed throughout the year. I hope enjoy or at least don't mind taking a look back at some of my favorite things I've worn in the past year! As always, as you scroll through you can see the full post by clicking on the number underneath.

Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-one

Honestly, looking back, I'm just amazed at the amount of outfits I was able to post last year and it's hard remembering how good things were in the first half of 2016. We were in our own place with our dog and work was going well for both of us. In May, we'd found a bigger and cheaper place to live and were planning on moving down the street to enjoy that. Unfortunately, the owners of the place screwed us the day before we were supposed to move in and we were suddenly out of a place to live. (You can read all about it in this post.) We moved temporarily back out to the suburbs into our parents' houses, stuffing all our things into a huge storage unit and dragging the dog back to live in between houses too. So during these pictures, life was going well. Memories...

Also since most of my wardrobe is in the storage unit, I miss a lot of these clothes! Oh well. 
So, let me know: which one is your favorite outfit post from 2016?

January 18, 2017

Outfit: Blue Vintage Dress, Patterned Tights, and a Leather Jacket

Ice Blonde Hair, Faux Leather Coat, Blue Shift Dress, and Wedge Boots

This is what I look like in the wind when it's way too cold to be outside taking outfit pictures on Christmas. You may notice the uncharacteristic snow in these pictures too. That's because I was up in Illinois for the holidays and, although we were supposed to get snow in Georgia a couple weeks back, my neighborhood didn't get much more than a dusting. Fine by me! But snow does make for some nice automatic light reflectors when taking pictures!

This vintage cobalt blue dress is a new addition to my collection, given to me by a friend of the family. I'm always happy to accept cool vintage clothes, especially when they're already tailored for someone short. This ultra blue dress was worn for Christmas dinner and the shift shape left plenty of room for me to gorge myself on tasty foods. 

For its debut, I styled it with a new faux leather jacket (since my other one was starting to get worn out after many years of trusty use) and a pair of tights with a fishnet-y pattern up the side. I actually got my fringe earrings at Walmart of all places and the wedge boots are a well-worn pair from Target. 

Cobalt Blue Vintage 60s Shift Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Patterned Tights
dress: vintage hand-me-down | jacket, tights: forever 21 | boots: target | earrings: walmart

Patterned Black Tights with Black Wedge Boots from Target
Cool Blonde Hair, Leather Jacket, and a Cobalt Blue Dress
Vintage Blue Shift Dress with a Leather Jacket and Wedge Boots

It feels like forever since I've posted - or since I've had a regular posting schedule. Unfortunately I've had to really slow down on most of my hobbies with the way life is right now. I drive about 3 hours a day commuting since we're still in between places and most other time is spent taking care of our dog. I'm trying to plan our wedding too, and November is sneaking closer and closer. I won't lie and say life is great but I'm hoping each month gets steadily better leading up to the wedding and all that comes after that.

How's your life been? Someday I'll be able to have leisure time and catch up on your blogs maybe...
Anyway, happy Wednesday!

January 8, 2017

Outfit: Leopard Button Down, Green Corduroy Skirt, and Chelsea Boots

Windmill Stairs in Bruges Wearing a Leopard Silk Top Faux Leather Jacket and Green Corduroy Skirt

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to you! In my vacation picture editing extravaganza that happened last week, I found yet another set of pictures that would make a perfect outfit post. These pictures were taken at Windmill Bonne Chiere in the morning of our last day in Bruges, Belgium. I made seeing at least one windmill a priority on this trip since I'd missed out on them the first time I went to Bruges when I was a kid. After the tourists in the back of some of these photos left, Matt and I had the windmill all to ourselves so we could climb up on the stairs and get some fun pictures while taking in the view. (Sorry no pictures taken from up there. I wasn't about to drop and break my camera in the middle of our trip. Those stairs were steep!)

This windmill is an open trestle post mill. It was built on a post so it could be turned to meet the wind and, since it's large enough to not blow over every time there's strong wind, the post wasn't buried - hence the open trestle. I guess it was easier to not dig and bury the post so they stopped doing that once windmills were made larger. #TheMoreYouKnow

White Windmill in Bruges, Belgium
Travel Style - Leather Jacket Black Camera Bag Leopard Blouse Green Button Through Skirt

As you can see, I'm wearing my green corduroy button down skirt form H&M yet again in these pictures. It really was a versatile piece in my travel wardrobe! I styled it with a silk leopard print shirt I thrifted long ago, my faux leather jacket, and a pair of simple black chelsea boots from Boohoo. 

I hope some of these travel outfit posts give you some ideas of items to pack next time you're traveling in cooler temperatures and want to actually look like your normal stylish self. I know my bag weight max was pretty low for the amount of stuff needed for a 2 and a half week trip, so remixable items were an absolute must. Unfortunately this silk top ended up horribly wrinkled after being put back in my bag and I couldn't wear it again on the trip. (No iron.) So a tip I learned: maybe don't bring silk shirts even though they're light and look nice. 

Silk Leopard Button Down, Faux Leather Coat, Green Button Down Skirt from H&M, Black Flat Boots
top: thrifted | skirt: h&m | jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | boots: boohoo | camera bag: jo totes abby style

Fall Style for Traveling in Europe

As always, thank you for stopping by! Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

January 1, 2017

Outfit: Green Corduroy Skirt, Red Scarf, and Leopard Print Flats

Prague Vacation Outfit Leather Jacket Green Skirt Black Jo Totes Camera Bag Leopard Shoes

Happy New Year! Usually I have a roundup outfit post to start the new year but with busy holiday traveling that may have to wait until later. Since our trip to Europe was by far the highlight of 2016, I figured I'd show you another outfit I wore over there. This is what I wore on our first full day of exploring Prague. The pictures we took on Charles Bridge at dawn are some of my absolute favorite from the whole trip. It was amazingly crowd-free being there that early in the morning! 

At this point in the trip my faux leather jacket wasn't quite cutting it with the cool weather and this day was especially windy up at the castle! Other than that I was pretty pleased with the pieces I picked to bring with and was able to remix them in a lot of different ways so I wasn't wearing the same outfit for 2.5 weeks. This look was a favorite of mine with the green button down corduroy skirt, leopard print flats from Target, and red dog print scarf.

Black Jo Totes Abby Bag in Prague on Charles Bridge
Prague Castle at Sunrise from Charles Bridge
Stylish Travel Outfit for Fall in Prague
Blonde Hair Red Scarf Faux Leather Jacket
Faux Leather Jacket Red Dog Print Scarf Green Corduroy Skirt Leopard Pointed Flats
jacket: ashley by twenty-six international - ross | scarf: gift | skirt: h&m | shoes: target | bag: jo totes

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and are looking at a fantastic year ahead! I'm hoping 2017 is a big improvement over the past year, but don't we all usually hope that's the case? There's a lot I'd like to do with this blog in the next year too, but for now I only have energy for semi-regular outfit posts and I hope that's okay with you!

As always, feel free to follow along on Instagram and Twitter for more updates! Happy 2017!

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