January 22, 2017

2016 Outfits Recap: Favorites from January through June

Happy Sunday to you and welcome to part one of my 2016 outfit recap! I enjoy doing these recap posts each year because I get to look back on what I wore and see how things have changed throughout the year. I hope enjoy or at least don't mind taking a look back at some of my favorite things I've worn in the past year! As always, as you scroll through you can see the full post by clicking on the number underneath.

Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-one

Honestly, looking back, I'm just amazed at the amount of outfits I was able to post last year and it's hard remembering how good things were in the first half of 2016. We were in our own place with our dog and work was going well for both of us. In May, we'd found a bigger and cheaper place to live and were planning on moving down the street to enjoy that. Unfortunately, the owners of the place screwed us the day before we were supposed to move in and we were suddenly out of a place to live. (You can read all about it in this post.) We moved temporarily back out to the suburbs into our parents' houses, stuffing all our things into a huge storage unit and dragging the dog back to live in between houses too. So during these pictures, life was going well. Memories...

Also since most of my wardrobe is in the storage unit, I miss a lot of these clothes! Oh well. 
So, let me know: which one is your favorite outfit post from 2016?


Olivia DiTomaso said...

All great looks!



ModernVintageStyle said...

Such lovely, lovely outfits. It's so hard to choose a favourite, but because I love coloured tights and you wear them in ways that I could only dream of, I think I have to go for number five - a red-black combo always does it for me! Karen x

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