January 18, 2017

Outfit: Blue Vintage Dress, Patterned Tights, and a Leather Jacket

Ice Blonde Hair, Faux Leather Coat, Blue Shift Dress, and Wedge Boots

This is what I look like in the wind when it's way too cold to be outside taking outfit pictures on Christmas. You may notice the uncharacteristic snow in these pictures too. That's because I was up in Illinois for the holidays and, although we were supposed to get snow in Georgia a couple weeks back, my neighborhood didn't get much more than a dusting. Fine by me! But snow does make for some nice automatic light reflectors when taking pictures!

This vintage cobalt blue dress is a new addition to my collection, given to me by a friend of the family. I'm always happy to accept cool vintage clothes, especially when they're already tailored for someone short. This ultra blue dress was worn for Christmas dinner and the shift shape left plenty of room for me to gorge myself on tasty foods. 

For its debut, I styled it with a new faux leather jacket (since my other one was starting to get worn out after many years of trusty use) and a pair of tights with a fishnet-y pattern up the side. I actually got my fringe earrings at Walmart of all places and the wedge boots are a well-worn pair from Target. 

Cobalt Blue Vintage 60s Shift Dress, Faux Leather Jacket, Patterned Tights
dress: vintage hand-me-down | jacket, tights: forever 21 | boots: target | earrings: walmart

Patterned Black Tights with Black Wedge Boots from Target
Cool Blonde Hair, Leather Jacket, and a Cobalt Blue Dress
Vintage Blue Shift Dress with a Leather Jacket and Wedge Boots

It feels like forever since I've posted - or since I've had a regular posting schedule. Unfortunately I've had to really slow down on most of my hobbies with the way life is right now. I drive about 3 hours a day commuting since we're still in between places and most other time is spent taking care of our dog. I'm trying to plan our wedding too, and November is sneaking closer and closer. I won't lie and say life is great but I'm hoping each month gets steadily better leading up to the wedding and all that comes after that.

How's your life been? Someday I'll be able to have leisure time and catch up on your blogs maybe...
Anyway, happy Wednesday!



Lovely look! :)


ModernVintageStyle said...

What a gorgeous dress, and I love the way you have worn it with the leather jacket and other accessories. The second and final photos, where your hair has been caught by the wind (or maybe an off-shot blow dryer!!) are really stunning shots - just beautiful! Kx

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