July 26, 2017

Outfit: Black Denim Zip Up Skirt with Quirky Pink T-shirt

Pink Coachella H&M Collaboration T-shirt with a Denim Zip Down Skirt and Black Peeptoe Sandals
top, skirt: h&m | shoes: target | bag: boohoo

Long time no blog...but here's one of my favorite outfits from last month's trip to Las Vegas for bachelor/bachelorette shenanigans. It was unseasonably cool for June in Las Vegas, but this mini skirt and t-shirt combo was still a perfect choice for the daytime. The pink top and black denim skirt were new purchases from H&M right before the trip. I couldn't pass up the weird print on the crop top. It has snakes, mermaids, UFOs, bananas, and more on it. So weird and so good. Plus it kind of matched my purpley hair. 

I styled everything with my favorite shoes of the season - these peeptoe ones from Target - and a new ice cream shaped novelty bag I ordered from Boohoo on clearance. It was a perfect choice for times when I didn't want to carry around my big camera bag! Sorry you can't really see it in the full body picture, but you can see it in a picture Matt took of me in the hotel room. 

Quirky Print Crop Top with a Black Denim Zipper Skirt
Novelty Ice Cream Shape Purse from Boohoo

So how have all of you been? Life's been a little bit of a blur for me lately and I'm sure it'll continue that way until the end of the year. I've already traveled up north for my bridal shower and have another trip planned next month. Then we're in the final countdown until the wedding. Ah! Too much going on but it should all be a good time.

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Curls n Cakes said...

The top is really cute. And weird. Cute and weird ;) haha
And I loooove it with your hair.

The whole outfit is lovely and the bag is adorable.
Much love,

Panty Buns said...

Cute outfit! I was initially so busy admiring the OOTD that I didn't notice the Las Vegas setting in those first two outfit photos until I read it first. I love the light and dark contrast between your quirky print (love the flying saucers and mermaids) pale pink top and black denim zip-up skirt. Your hair looks pretty. It looks like you had a happy trip to Vegas. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding.


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