September 26, 2017

Outfit: Red Mini Skirt, Blue Ringer Tee and Navy Blue Clogs

Navy Blue and Red Outfit. Wearing Blue Clogs and a Red Mini Skirt

Red and blue is probably my favorite color combination to wear - especially in the summertime. (Have I said that here before? Probably 10,000 times by now.) And sometimes I like to be as matchy-matchy as possible, which is where this outfit came from. I wore this about a month ago but it's still warm enough to wear it here in Georgia! 

Some outfit details: My mini skirt is an old old thrift find that Mom hemmed for me long ago. I need to wear it more often but it's a bit too short for the workplace! The top was a cheapo crop top I probably bought on clearance and my shoes are my new favorites from Target. I should've gotten them in all the colors but figured I'd get plenty of use out of navy blue - my favorite "non neutral neutral." 

Light Pink Hair, Blue Ringer Tee and a Red Skirt
Blue T-shirt with a Gold Statement Necklace
Red Thrifted Mini Skirt with Navy Blue Clogs
Red Mini Skirt, Cropped Blue Ringer Tee, Pink Hair and Target Clogs
skirt: thrifted | top: forever 21 | shoes: target | necklace: new york & company

I wish I had time to blog more often but time is limited when you're planning a wedding and it's less than 2 months away! I'm very excited to get married and for the wedding to happen, but whoever decided wedding planning was some fun thing is insane. I guess if I didn't work and had plenty of time to browse through Pinterest and gather ideas and daydream about everything it would be a nicer process. Unfortunately it's more like spreadsheets, putting lots of calendar reminders in my phone, writing checks, and making decisions without knowing for sure they'll be the right ones. Then I feel sad that I'm not enjoying the planning because I'm "supposed to" and I'll only get to do this once. 

Plus on top of the wedding planning, our honeymoon is ruined because of the hurricanes. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico, which took a ton of time to decide on in the first place, and now we have to scramble to find something else 50ish days out. It's awful seeing what happened to Puerto Rico. I really hope the island can recover quicker than the 4 - 6 months I keep hearing just to get electricity restored. The world is crazy right now. And life is too. 

But you can see all that on Instagram if you're interested and I look forward to giving you another update (and outfit) in the next week or two! 

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Panty Buns said...

Your pretty red mini-skirt and Forever 21 blue ringer Tee look made for each other! The red and blue complement each other beautifully and the re colour of the Tee shirt's neckline and sleeves looks like it matches the red of the skirt perfectly. The pretty New York+Co. necklace adds to the outfit's look nicely.
What Hurricane Maria did in Puerto Rico is a real bummer. I follow a blogger from there who just did a post titled: 'Puerto Rico Needs Your Help / Hurricane Maria'. What a bummer!
It sounds like you are managing a wonderful attitude and mindset despite the adversity. Best wishes for your wedding planning and wedding. I'm sure it will wind up being beautiful!

On a positive note, I just published my first blog post in over a year!!!!!!:

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