January 20, 2018

Outfit: Feather Print Navy Blue Romper in Napa

Dark Blue Feather Print Playsuit with Bronze Sandals and Pink Hair

Since it's been cold out there and I'm pretty over it, I figured it would be a good time to dive back to last summer and share an outfit I was too busy to share then. 

These pictures were taken during our brief stay in Napa last August which was a pretty awesome couple of days. The weather was fantastic and I was able to wear this feather print romper I picked up on Amazon for the first time. It was the perfect flowy silhouette for a summer day spent at wineries and bopping around town. The only negative about it is the wrap v-neck which definitely has to be pinned shut to avoid being the flasher about town.

Feather print playsuit detailing
Navy blue flutter sleeve feather print romper
Feather print amazon romper with pink hair
romper: amazon | earrings, sunglasses: forever 21 | shoes: corks - shoe carnival | bag: jototes

Have you had any luck with shopping for clothes on Amazon? They have everything on there. I think my favorite fashion-related Amazon buy so far is a pair of brown fringe sandals I got for like $10 that are really comfortable. 

On a different note, how's your January going so far? It's usually a pretty dull month, I think. I don't do the usual dieting resolutions like so many others do but I do have a goal to read much more often and update this blog more regularly. I'm looking forward to attending lots of weddings and doing a little traveling this year too. Here's hoping it's a good year ahead of us!


Imogen said...

Wow I love the feather print. I don't have anything in feather print but now I wish I did. It's interesting a lot of bloggers say January is more of a dull month. Here in Australia it is one of the best months of the year as we have holidays, the weather is so hot and for me, I love there is so much tennis to watch.
Tia Cherie

Panty Buns said...

Your multi-coloured feather print navy blue romper looks very pretty - I love your outfit photos! It looks like it was very nice there in Napa.
I'm feeling a touch envious of the weather Imogen has there in Australia.
There is snow and ice on the ground here. It's below freezing - and especially cold when the wind blows. Only 7 more weeks until Spring! I can't wait!


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