February 13, 2018

Outfit: Heart Print Tights, Food Pins, Red Dress, and Loafer Heels

Peter Pan Collar Red Modcloth Dress with a Cropped Cardigan and Heart Print Tights

Happy almost Valentine's Day to you! In honor of the day of "wuv" I broke out a couple of old favorites to wear: this red peter pan collar dress from Modcloth and some heart print sweater tights from Forever 21. This dress, although cute, has seen better days. Something about the fabric makes it super easy to pill up so that's happening all over the place. It's sad because it's a really cute dress and comfortable too. I'm afraid it might need to be retired soon - but not until I try some remedies to reduce the pilling.

The highlight of this look is my super cool food-themed pins. I actually wore this last Friday on National Pizza Day, hence the pizza pin. Also it was Friday - hence the fries. The fries pin was lovingly bestowed upon me by a new coworker and is a very welcome addition to my increasing quirky pin collection.

My other accessories are thrifted. A belt thrifted long ago that I wear practically bi-weekly and a pair of loafer heels I got from Goodwill on my last trip up to Illinois. I know thrifting shoes is weird for some people but these were probably worn once and seemed like they'd be so versatile. I found out they're also really comfy which is always a big plus.

Fries and Pizza Pins on a White Collar
Red Peter Pan Collar Dress with Quirky Pins and a Cropped Cardi
Heart Print Sweater Tights from Forever 21 with Black Loafer Heels
Red Modcloth Dress, Black Cropped Cardigan, and Platinum Blonde Hair
dress: modcloth | cardigan: old navy | belt, shoes: thrifted | tights: forever 21 | pizza pin: punky pins | fries pin: pinmaze

So what are you doing, if anything, for Valentine's Day? It's my first married one and we're staying in. We'll be making some tasty food together after work. My husband even brought home flowers already! He's pretty great.

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1 comment:

Panty Buns said...

I love Peter Pan collars and love the red colour of that pretty Modcloth dress! It looks fabulous styled with the cardigan and the heart print tights.


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