About Me

Why hello there! 
My name is Jamie. I'm a 4"11' 26-year-old living in Atlanta, Georgia. I blog mostly about my style, makeup, and life. I believe in colorful, fun fashion and finding ways to make trends work on my short frame.

I keep my clothes budget pretty small and enjoy finding a good deal. I thrift a lot of my clothes or get them from super inexpensive stores. I enjoy finding great vintage pieces and incorporating them into my wardrobe too. I'm always trying to think of ways to remix my clothes to get the most out of them! It's even better when I can find ways to wear pieces for both work and weekends.

Some random facts about me:
I play the trumpet and did marching band all through high school and college. I love musicals and used to actually be in them when I was in high school. I'm a food lover, coffee & tea drinker, and beer appreciator. I have a little sister Jeanie who sometimes appears on here [we're best friends], and a boyfriend named Matt [who I've dated since high school]. I enjoy discovering new music and expanding my collection. I'm a big fan of Disney movies & other good animation. I like old things mixed with new. I have nerdy interests [like - I've always been a little bit of a computer nerd, I love to read, and am quite interested in many science-y things like genetics].

Thanks for stopping by!

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