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Thank you for your interest in working with Petite Panoply! 
Petite Panoply is a personal style blog focused on affordable fashion with a retro, colorful, fun, and sometimes-edgy twist. It also highlights dressing a short frame on a budget. This blog is geared toward young women with a sense of humor who enjoy standing out from a crowd. It includes many personal outfit posts, makeup reviews, clothing/accessory wishlists, outfit remixes, style advice, and more. 

My full disclosure statement is available here.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Current Blog Stats
720+ subscribers (GFC & Bloglovin')
16,600+ pageviews in January 2015
377+ average page views per day (January - December 2015)
11,334+ average page views per month (January - December 2015)
1,600+ pinterest followers
925+ instagram followers
485+ twitter followers

Currently Available

Product Reviews:
I'm happy to provide an honest review of products that fit with Petite Panoply's focus. I feature clothing, accessories, and shoes in my outfit posts which makes them perfect for reviewing those items! Clothing sent for review must reflect my personal style and will not be returned. 

Want to give my readers the opportunity to try a new product or win some fun clothes? Great! I only accept offers I feel my readers would appreciate. If your shop fits with Petite Panoply, contact me for the opportunity to set up a giveaway post. 

Sponsored Content:
I'm happy to get the word out about unique, interesting, and/or affordable shops, brands, and fashion collections. I love vintage shops, stores with unique items, and brands that offer a "petite" collection. 
I insist on writing all my own copy and will not be copy-pasting press releases on my blog. Sponsored content is always disclosed. These posts must also fit with the Petite Panoply brand. Email me to discuss opportunities.

Petite Panoply qualifies as a for profit blog. The tiny bit of revenue this blog makes (if any) is funneled back into the blog. I occasionally use affiliate links for products and brands I enjoy and use. I'm honest with my readers. My content is not influenced by advertisers. Any products provided for review will be marked "c/o" in outfit posts and sponsored posts will be disclosed in the post. All advertising must be approved by me and I reserve the right to turn down advertising offers that I feel do not fit with this blog. 

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