October 11, 2011

Boyfriend Approved

It's always good to get a compliment from my boyfriend instead of the what-are-you-wearing-? look. 

skirt: forever 21
sweater: forever 21
tights: betsy johnson; ross dress for less
shoes: xhileration; target
bow: forever 21

It's been rainy here the past couple days hence the awful lighting in these pictures.

This sweater is from my senior year of high school. I'm now in my senior year of college. I have very few items I wear now that I wore back then, but this red sweater is pretty classic. I plan on styling it in other ways while it's cool here. It actually cooled down for a couple days here due to the rain.

I wasn't expecting this outfit to be such a hit with my boyfriend. I wear whatever I like, knowing he is going to think some things are strange. I never know when to expect a compliment on what I wear, but it's always nice when I get one.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


JennaStevie said...

Haha it's so nice when they do approve of a look. I am always shocked when mine likes something I think he'll hate. I LOVE this skirt, it's so awesome

wardrobeexperience said...

great look. love the mix of patterns...


Heather, 29 Skirts said...

That skirt is extremely cute and looks great on you! This whole outfit is pretty awesome. Jasen always likes when I wear patterned tights...maybe that's part of the boyfriend appeal!

Kyla said...

I'm in love with your skirt! This whole outfit is amazing, I love the mix in prints with the skirt and the tights. I still have clothes from my high school days, too :)

dressupsandmessups said...

My husband thinks I wear weird things too. He hates anything menswear inspired.

This outfit is cute. I have similar tights and have been wanting to break them out this year. I like the way you've mixed them here.

<3 Rachel

Mara said...

Well, you look gorgeous, it's no wonder he complimented you! But then you always look gorgeous. Red is a great color on you!

Meanz (Koi Story) said...

I feel the same way! I love that skirt and that red top! Oh, and I adore your tights! The pattern is so cute! I feel the same way about the boyfriend giving me a compliment instead of asking me what I'm wearing, haha!

Angel Garcia said...

Its even a hit with me! I love it.. You always look great in all your outfits!

Peace! ~Angel

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Well of course he approves, you look awesome! And red is a great colour for getting anyone's attention!

Sandra said...

Such a nice outfit. :)

Dresses for Dinner said...

This skirt is perfect.

Angelina S. said...

Love this skirt!

Nikki said...

You truely are a cutie Jamie! I'm loving your skirt :) I'm sorry to hear my package didn't arrive yet. It also didn't get send back to me so it must be still on it's way... Hope you get it soon though! x

Alice Dias said...

Hi there!!
Your blog is just lovely and I am very happy to follow it!!!!!
Can you follow me too please!!!


The Hearabouts said...

This outfit is a hit! Love the black and red combo. That skirt has such a wonderful print!

The Hearabouts


Arden said...

Girl, red is so your color! xx

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